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That's a big hammock

Big hammock in Roslindale

The Saturday farmers' market in Roslindale Square now features a hammock to be reckoned with.


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That whole farmers market is so impressive--I was just there this morning. Nice mix of vendors and I like the circular set-up.

I also have to give a shout-out to the revamped Cheese Cellar around the corner--really, really nice. I got a terrific sandwich there which I don't think the old place did.

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Unfortunately, if you can't make it to the farmer's market, you don't get to enjoy this amazing community building installation. Currently it is wrapped up with cables and padlocks. Despite safety concerns on the part of RVMS, the designer told my wife she would be happy to see it remain open. Unfortunately, people are using the hammock while it is locked, which, according to my 7 year-old, is a lot less safe. Concerns for safety and liability limit children's opportunities to take the risks necessary for learning how to be safe. It also makes for less fun and engaging environments and limits social interaction. A great addition to the Roslindale farmer's market, a locked hammock does little to activate the space during the other 163.5 hours in the week. The market evokes the potential of Adams Park as a vibrant public space and contributes to the economic wellbeing of this struggling business district. As a parent of young children, I would take my kids to Adams Park more often, and probably spend more money in Roslindale Village, if there was something fun to do there. And not just on Saturdays.

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