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Two-alarm fire rips through North End building

Fire at 96 Endicott St.

Firefighters responded to 3 Stillman Pl in the North End shortly before 4 p.m. for a fire that sent flames shooting into the air and went to two alarms.

The Boston Fire Department reports the fire erupted on the third and fourth floors of the vacant four-story building and that part of the roof gave way.

Two firefighters were taken to the hospital, one with burns; one police officer suffered smoke inhalation. WHDH reports that police officer got two residents of a neighboring building out of their smoke-filled apartments.

The department estimates damage at $1 million.

Traffic quickly gridlocked.

Jessica Kelly captured the fire from across I-93:

Endicott Street fire


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That's a great photo. Hope everyone is safe.

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I'm still trapped on a bus that has circled the block twice trying to get onto North Washington Street. It really is gridlock everywhere and getting worse by the moment

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Shot with a GoPro just as first responders arrived. 3,000x time lapse starting around 4:38 today.


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