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You can always count on Lee's 2

Photographynatalia spotted the welcoming lights of Lee's 2 Market at Comm. Ave. and Allston Street during the storm last night.

Copyright Photographynatalia. Posted in the Universal Hub pool on Flickr.


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I have to say the fortitude of some local stores and pizza places in Allston, their ability to stay open despite the weather and depleted stocks such brings, is pretty impressive. Sure most of the year we grumble about their shoddy decor and lack of cleanliness; their price gouging and lack of selection; that all of the milk in their fridge is teetering on fossilization. But it sure is convenient to not have to go more than a block or two to get stuff [if they have not run out] in this weather.

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Schlepped down to the little bodega around 1 PM yesterday in the howling snow to get my sore-throated better half some pudding. The store was open, the guy (not the owner, who's usually there) cheerful and friendly, and some local investors had even made it down the street for their daily $40 scratch ticket purchase.

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