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Across a frigid city, pipes freeze and burst

Water flowing from CVS at Commonwealth Avenue and St. Paul Street

Water flowing from CVS at Comm. Ave. and St. Paul Street. Photo by Sean Owen.

Boston firefighters and ISD inspectors are busy this afternoon responding to buildings where water in pipes froze and burst the pipes, leading to floods of water.

Among the buildings affected: Boston College's Conte Forum, right in the middle of a basketball game, where a sprinkler pipe gave way. Firefighters and BC maintenance workers were able to shut the water without requiring any evacuations.

At least some guests had to be evacuated from the Back Bay Sheraton when a pipe there gave way. Firefighters also responded to the Yawkey Center, 450 Brookline Ave., for a burst pipe.

The Boston Fire Department reports that as of 6 p.m., firefighters had responded to 350 incidents - compared to 225 for a normal day - with most involving burst pipes pouring water onto electrical lines.

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I suppose it depends on where it was but I was once in the food court of Super 88 in Packard's Corner when a sprinkler head gave way. Fortunately I had just finished the last bite of my lunch, unfortunately I was nearly directly underneath it and was covered in funky black stagnant water. When the fire department came they shut down the food court because it couldn't be occupied without a working sprinkler system. I guess it was a separate loop from the market because they were allowed to stay open.

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Syracu...errr...BC game. Nobody in the stands had any idea what was going on until they announced close to the end of the game that the affected exit would be closed. Seemed to be an isolated area, and I saw the fire trucks leave before we could even get around the Res afterwards.

Also somewhat surprised, it was roughly 90°, at least in in the upper levels, throughout the game...

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... was supposed to work today at that CVS. He got there to find out they weren't open.

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A floodgate on the Pines River got stuck in the open position, causing a flow of water down my street last night during high tide. With the temperature below zero, it quickly froze into solid ice!

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