BPS says no credible clown threats in Boston

Yes, it's come to this: Boston Public Schools today sent messages to parents that clowns are not a menace in Boston:

The BPS Safety Office and Boston Police are "closely monitoring this issue," but at the present time, "the Boston Police Department has not considered any messages pertaining to the Boston Public Schools to be credible threats."

Also, kids? BPS says cut it out with the social-media clown crap. And any kid found at school with any sort of clown mask at school will not only have the mask confiscated but could risk punishment under his or her school's code of conduct, as "threatening or disruptive."




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Brad, Angelina and the Kardashians

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I have been avoiding all these silly clown stories in the same way that I refuse to click on stories about any of the above. It's blissful in my little cocoon.

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reminds me of a story....

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Some time ago there was a professional clown on the North Shore who was having "domestic issues" with his girlfriend. Resulted in the famous lede "Woman Flees Naked From Local Clown's House" (or something close to that). I was working at Package Pick-up at Sears at the time and we were joking about it, when one of the customers waiting to get his a.c. or his fridge or whatever tore into us "little shits who don't know anything about what you're talking about!" He went on to defend this clown who was a friend of his and got into his car which had some other clown name on it ("available for parties, corporate events, etc...").

I was left scarred with the thought of the seedy underside of clown-life.

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