Fire in a BU recording studio goes to three alarms

Fire at BU building

Where there's smoke ... Photo by Amelia McJerk.

The Boston Fire Department reports a fire that erupted in a recording studio at the College of Communications at 640 Commonwealth Ave. around 8:50 a.m. went to three alarms so that firefighters could limit their exposure to the toxic fumes given off by the fire.

Three BU students, a BU police officer and a Boston firefighter were taken to the hospital for smoke inhalation, the department says.

Firefighters knocked the fire down around 9:30 a.m. and used fans to vent the gases.

The department estimated damage at $500,000 and said the cause remains under investigation.

Green Line and bus service along Comm. Ave. was shut for about an hour due to the fire.




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This one doesn't go to 11.

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And, of course, the B Line was f*cked.

I was on an outbound B-Line train at 9:15ish. Saw lots of emergency vehicles blocking an inbound lane in the wake of this fire, but no flashing lights or sirens or anything, so presumably, the worst of it was over. We made it past the site with no problem.

Alas, two stops later at BU West, the driver suddenly announced she had to "offload" all passengers (not the nicest way of putting it, but whatever). No announcement as to why, but I overheard her explain to another passenger that it had something to do with the situation at Blandford, and that she wasn't sure if or when the trains would be started up again, or if shuttle buses were being dispatched. Meantime, we're just supposed to stand on the platform in the rain (rather than, you know, wait on the dry and heated train, which was just going to sit there anyway).

I was only going as far as Harvard anyway, so I walked. But no trains or shuttle buses passed me by the time I veered off at Packard's Corner -- not even a 57 bus for that matter.

Typical MBTA: no common sense, no consideration for passengers, no clear communication.

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And totally idiotic

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given this was an outbound train that had already passed the scene of the fire. Just another example of how the T really doesn't want to run light rail.

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Unless firefighters were running hoses across the tracks, I'm not sure why you would have stopped service.

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Update from BU Today

Five people, including three students and two BPD officers were sent to the hospital for smoke inhalation (all considered non-life threatening). One firefighter was injured (also non-life threatening) and sent to the hospital. Estimated fire damage $500,000, building is closed for the day and as of now no decision about whether it will reopen Monday.

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