Buildings shut at Tufts as police investigate car fire, bomb threats

The city of Somerville issued an alert shortly after 8 a.m.:

This morning Somerville Police and Fire responded to a car fire at 124 Professors Row, and discovered a suspicious note indicating bomb threats at several Tufts University buildings. The fire was extinguished and local and state police remain on scene investigating the bomb threats. At this time the buildings in question are secured until further notice. Residents are advised to remain off campus and to seek alternate routes this morning. Police will remain on scene throughout the morning to continue their investigations. Updated notification will be sent when the area has been cleared.

Boston Reddit has more info.



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I work at the Pru, and we got an email that "a hoax call for possible violent criminal activity was received by the Boston Police Department at approximately 10:00 a.m. Police and security responded to the location. During the response, security and police made entry to several floors and spaces to enable the investigation. After investigating, it was determined by the police that the call was a hoax and possibly related to other hoax calls that have recently been received at other locations in the region."

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