Can't we talk about something more pleasant?

Specifically, seeking suggestions of T-accessible spots besides than the pavilion on Long Wharf to observe the king tides tomorrow and Tuesday.


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Eastie waterfront. Piers Park, behind the Shaw's, some other places

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Wednesday, too!

I'm not savvy about the other spots to watch but here are the tide times and magnitudes (bearing in mind that they are a full foot higher than those in October!):

Tide tables are for Charlestown at the mouth of the Charles:
November 14 at 10:17 am 12.22 feet
November 15 at 11:08 am 12.45 feet
November 16 at Noon 12.42 feet

I suspect that you could see some interesting things happening along the South Boston waterfront and beaches as well, and Wollaston is T accessible, too.

Update with PSA: wherever you end up, be sure to consider your exit strategy. You may be high and dry, but may be some time before you can leave an area if you are flanked.

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Most of the Blue Line in Revere

Taking the 130 Hingham Ferry might be interesting but it is watching the ripples when the tide is low around Peddocks is more fun.

Also getting off at Butler and a quick walk into the marsh might show a fun effect on the Neponset estuary.

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The seawall is a very short walk from the commuter rail station:

From a year ago:

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It's only interesting if it's doing something different

Like coming ashore where it is not supposed to.

That's why Long Wharf is such a great spot.

Commercial wharf and Lewis wharf are also good. Expect the parking lot on Commercial to to get wet.

Morrissey blvd will flood. Tinean beach too.

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Thanks for the replies

Looks like tomorrow or Wednesday (not today) will be the more "active" days-hoping to get to the waterfront-weather and schedule permitting.

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