Channel 4 continues to hemorrhage newsroom staffers; reporter latest to leave

New England One reports reporter investigative reporter Lauren Leamanczyk is leaving for a job on a Minneapolis station's equivalent of WBZ's I-Team. She's the 18th newsroom staffer to leave Channel 4 in a little more than a year.



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Channel 4 needs to clean house

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Jon Keller (ch. 4) notes there's nothing in the indictment against Timothy Sullivan that alleges he personally benefited from the actions he's alleged to have taken.

Is it any wonder that Channel 4 is dying? I recall during the Iraq/Afghan wars under President Bush, Ch. 4 anchor Jack Williams would read the names of each U.S. soldier killed, then pause and shake his head. Once Obama was elected, very few of the dead were mentioned and no body language. The day he retired, we learned "Boston Jack" Williams was living in Wyoming the whole time! Lisa Hughes seems very nice but not anchor material, another blow-in from the west. Then, smarmy, arrogant Jon Keller lectures us on how Trump is bad but Marty Walsh's guys are good. Pass the clicker!

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