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Citizen complaint of the day: Does the North End have a tree ninja?

Vandalized tree in Boston's North End

A concerned citizen files a complaint that somebody is going around the North End vandalizing trees, such as this one on Fulton Street, which looks like it's had its bark peeled off.

Brighton Center has long been plagued by the Brighton tree ninja, who keeps trying to kill local trees, which for some reason offend him.

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Or he's now using the A Line to "commute" ... (look for a guy with clippers)

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I had a neighbor who compulsively hacked away at tree bark. I considered it a unique trait at the time. This report has me wondering if it is a more common behavior. Also: wasn't there widespread reports of streetside trees dying from some combination of weather stress, insect damage, and neglect in this area earlier this year ? Could this be one ? Keep in mind that just because a tree has had its bark stripped does'nt necessarily mean that that was the cause of its death. To clarify: you can strip the bark from a tree without killing it if it's already dead.

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