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Dianne Wilkerson's glass house

In case you missed it, Yvonne Abraham yesterday had an interesting piece that raises the question of whose campaign is really for sale: Sonia Chang-Diaz, who took $500 from some woman in Cambridge, or Dianne Wilkerson, who took $7,000 from the management companiy at the Roxse Homes project (from which Wilkerson rents her campaign office)?

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She paid for the rental arrangement out of pocket. This had nothing to do with donations to her campaign. Apparently, the Senator is good news for the media. We read it, it inspires emotion, and we continue looking for more. It’s not the newspapers fault if the city likes to fight about the Senator. They simply write about what we like to read. So what does this say about the readers of the Globe? More importantly, what does this say about the masses? Are we simply a mob who loves to watch a fight? Has this not been the case for thousands of years? Many of us may never evolve beyond that and it is sad. However, as long as there will be people who love to exploit divisions and instigate fighting, it will always be necessary to have peace makers and defense. In defense of the common man, balance is all that we would ask. This story is not balanced. This story is not fair. (Am I wrong to assume they should be?) This is a battle between two candidates. Let them make their cases, and let the people decide. At the same time, maybe we all need to reassess what we consider entertainment. Then, maybe politics can be something enjoyed more as an intellectual pastime than another bloody slug fest.

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