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Down by the river, cleaning up after slobs

Cleaning up trash along the Neponset River on the Hyde Park/Mattapan line

The Neponset River Watershed Association sent volunteers to several points along the Neponset in Hyde Park this morning for its annual river cleanup.

Behind Le Phare Church on River Street on the Hyde Park/Mattapan line, volunteers struck the mother load of trash: An entire hillside covered in what looked like the detritus of months of buffets - loads of plastic plates, cups, juice bottles, soda cans and aluminum serving trays, all obviously just tossed over the fence at the end of the church parking lot. Church members said it wasn't them - they have a dumpster.

At least the trays were all packed together in two piles, making them easier to pick up:


Before going into the brush along the river, volunteers donned disposable moon suits and gloves to help protect them from poison ivy that laced the area.

Two volunteers

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Shame. Trash customarily gets placed in trash barrels or dumpsters, people. Were there barrels nearby?

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They have a dumpster, they said.

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I hope the City of Boston ISD will fine them!!!!!!
I guess they forgot about there dumpster.
They should be ashamed of there Churches following.
All the volunteers worked over 5 hours to clean up as much as they could, the church should be required to clean the rest of the garbage down there.......

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The pictures speak for themselves. The dumping happened from the church grounds. If they want to say that they rent the church property out - so be it. It is still their property and their responsibility. They need to get an army of volunteers in there this week and clean it up. This dumping has occurred over ever so may years since they took over the property of the Old Doyle Post. This year, we finally had the volunteer resources to send people that way along the river. Hopefully, none of them caught the nasty poison ivy rash. The area is lush with it. We had to purchase painters' overall suits to protect them. We are all volunteers and do not have a budget. If need be, we will send an inventory of what we took out. IT WAS DUMPED THERE FROM THEIR PROPERTY. Let's get real, forget the past, look forward to a cleaner environment and have the Church clean up the rest before the first snow flies.


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I was appalled at the amount of trash that was dumped behind the church. I saw your pictures
On your site .. As , one of the Neponset River clean up Organizers I was pleased you were ,
covering the story of THE clean up on the ,Neponset Banks and
We have been cleaning the Neponset River for the last 5 years and have made a difference in the River.
When we came across the Church dumping we were most upset. I had given a flyer to the church on Wednesday
with my phone number and asked him to have the Pastor call me, he never called..

I do believe the church should clean up the trash and be fined if they do not.
Barbara Baxter

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