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Ex-members say church that runs Plymouth bakery really has preached child beating, slavery

Luke O'Neil reports on the Twelve Tribes, which owns the Blue Blinds Bakery in Plymouth.

Growing up, Kayam Mathias said he was beaten 20 to 30 times a day.

"I grew to be numb to it, to quell the rage within and just not feel anything."

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There is a bunch of them living on Melville Ave in Dorchester. They're known in the neighborhood as "The Communitly" They often do odd jobs around the neighborhood. I don't have any knowledge of child beatings, but young boys often are working with the men doing odd jobs. I remember seeing a young boy (8-10 years old) climbing up an extension ladder to assist on some work being done on the second floor of a house. It looked like child abuse to me.

A search of "12 Tribes Community Melville Ave Dorchester" returns some disturbing information,

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I only skimmed the lengthy article but isn't this the group that had the restaurant and general store on Dot Ave in Lower Mills across from Pat's Pizza? The food was actually decent but young people working there seemed emotionless and forlorn. Not surprised to hear this.

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Yes, Common Ground. They sold food one year at Earth Fest too at the Hatch Shell, if I remember correctly.

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