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Fire damages Roslindale house

Fire at 175 Florence St. in Roslindale

After the fire was knocked down. Photo by Amanda Verbs.

Reported around 4:20 p.m. at 175 Florence St.

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Building seems cursed.

This same building had a major fire quite some years back when something ignited on the rear porches and the fire went up the rear involving all floors with extensive damage. It took a few years for the owner to get it fixed.

At the time the house was being rented to people who were in rehab programs as they were attempting to get back into regular society.

Uncertain about current occupancy. Most of the buildings of that design, being several of them in a row, are cut up as two-family units, but this one, the fire building, is cut up into several smaller apartments or rooms.

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So is this an illegal rooming house? There are more in the city than the powers that be care to admit.

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They aren't students.

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