Firefighters evacuate some residents of Chinatown building as top two floors fill with smoke

Scene on Chauncy Street in downtown Boston

Chauncy Street scene. Photo by Robinite.

Hot gases from an emergency generator sparked a two-alarm fire that forced the evacuation of some residents from an 88-unit building at 115 Chauncy St. this afternoon.

"Appears the hot gases vented came in contact with combustibles over time causing smoke and burning," the Boston Fire Department reports.

The fire, which filled the top two floors of the 12-story building with smoke, went to two alarms, not because of its severity but because the department needed extra help just finding the source of the smoke.

Some residents near the top of the building were evacuated, residents in lower floors were allowed to shelter in place.




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Budget cuts

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I'm sure being downtown that the Menino budget cuts didn't affect the fire department response to this incident. In a few neighborhood's the Chiefs were cut and they have to wait for a chief from another section of the city to get there to be in control of the matter.

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