Five-alarm fire in the North End displaces 18

Fire at 52 Hull St. in the North End

The Boston Fire Department reports an early morning fire at 52 Hull St. displaced 18 residents in three buildings and sent two firefighters to the hospital with minor injuries.

The fire, to which firefighters responded at 4:15 a.m., spread to all four floors of the apartment building, causing an estimated $4 million in damage.

The roof collapsed and one wall is in danger of collapsing, the department says.

Size of the displaced people lived in the building. The rest lived in two neighboring buildings on Hull and Snow Hill streets.

The cause is under invrstigation.

Where the front stairway used to be (photo by BFD):

52 Hull St. fire remains



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any day of the year, let alone on Christmas. Best wishes to all affected.

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Bless those men and women

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Bless those men and women having to fight a fire like that while everyone is getting cozy/sleeping off their two extra whiskeys. You never know when a tragedy strikes. I hope that the displaced are able to put their lives back together soon.

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after the last 3 stories, perhaps this is needed


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God Bless

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Wish I wasn't out of town so I could help these folks out. If someone knows of something being set up to help these folks, please post here. Merry Christmas and God bless.

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