Guy better call Saul: He's wanted for threatening a T bus driver and breaking a bus window - with his head

Wanted for breaking a window on an MBTA bus in Quincy

A big Walter White fan objected to a request to pay his fare on a bus in Quincy Saturday evening by using his head as a battering ram on a bus window, Transit Police report.

Police say the window shattered and the man fled the Route 215 bus, after threatening the driver.

And now they are hoping somebody recognizes him. He's about 30, 6' tall and clean shaven, with tattoos on his right forearm and right calf. And he may hang out on the regular in Quincy Center.

If you know an alleged oaf with a new bruise on his head, contact Transit Police detectives at 617-222-1050, or send an anonymous text tip to 873873.




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Just wow.

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Quincy Center punks

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When tourists take the MBTA to Quincy to visit the historical sites they never return after running into the punks, druggies, and drunks that overrun the station. If Mayor Koch want to attract tourism to Quincy he should have his officers patrol the station instead of Marina Bay.

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To be fair

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And this is not a knock against the city of Quincy and most of their inhabitants, but why would tourists return to Quincy after visiting the Adams NHS and perhaps one or 2 other things that can all be seen in a day trip?

On the other hand, the reputation that Quincy Center is getting as a center of skeeviness most likely driven by opiate abuse is a developmental concern. Why would I start a business or move my office to an area where this crap happens all the time?

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