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The guy John Adams couldn't stand

J.L. Bell introduces us to Robert Treat Paine, more specifically, John Adams's disgust for his fellow signer of the Declaration of Independence:

That evening at Put[nam]s, he called me, a Numbskull and a Blunder Buss before all the Superiour Judges. I was not present indeed, but such expressions were indecent and tended to give the Judges a low Opinion of me, as if I was despized by my Acquaintance. He is an impudent, ill-bred, conceited fellow.

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He was a lousy kisser?


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A quote for our time:

"This Impudence may sett the Million a Gape at him but will make all Persons of Sense despize him, or hate him."

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Facebook pages for these historic guys (and women) and randomly post quotes and comments taken from their writings, and then comments under the posts from each other. It would be a hoot!

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