The heart of the city reports (with photos) on the arrival of Saint Padre Pio's heart at St. Leonard's Church yesterday.





Not Necessarily

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If you are not familiar with the practice in the RC church it might seem that way.

A piece or section of a saint's body is deemed a 1st class relic and subject to specific veneration. It is unusual that an entire body part is presented in such a way but it can happen.

All RC churches have an altar on which the service is conducted and within that altar is an object known as an altar stone. The stone contains a 1st class relic of a saint. In this case it is usually a very minute piece of flesh or bone and usually smaller than a pencil eraser from a #2 pencil.

Something that was in the daily possession of the saint would be deemed a second class relic. A third class is something that was touched to a 1st or 2nd class relic.

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Not familiar

Thanks for the information. It's still creepy.

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