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Kung pow: New York man gets taste of Boston justice after Chinatown melee

Boston Police report having to break up a hot and sour food fight at Moon Villa on Edinboro Street around 3:40 this morning:

On arrival, officers observed an extremely large crowd outside of the Moon Villa Restaurant. There appeared to be several arguments and fights breaking out all around the officers. Officers attempted to give commands to clear the area and to stop the fighting. An unknown female alerted officers that a fight was getting bad inside the restaurant. When officers entered the scene plates and chairs were being thrown around and food was flying through the air and people were being pushed.

Officers on the scene had to call in reinforcements before the suffering bastards began to gau (no word if anybody was fried on some "cold tea"). And then, several men showed wonton disregard for the heavy police presence and began the beef all over again. Police got steamed and arrested a delight of three on charges of disorderly conduct: Yves Montissol, 44, of Spring Valley, New York; Daniel Appolon, 20, of Quincy and Shomari Castle, 21, of Boston.

Meanwhile, down in Dorchester, police were dealing with a botched armed-robbery attempt at 1 Annapolis St. around 2:30 a.m.:

The attempted victim warned two thugs with a gun who demanded his money they didn't want to mess with him. When they disregarded his advice and started to mess with him, he took off his belt and began whipping them with it, which mostly worked - one of the alleged perps did pull a razor and sliced him in the thumb before they had enough and fled. Police say they caught up with Vasco Dossantos, 19, of Dorchester and Claudino Correia, 20, of Dorchester, driving the wrong way down a one-way street. After they hit a street sign, they fled on foot, but didn't get far.


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"... arrested a delight of three..."

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