Mission Hill house erupts in flames

The Boston Fire Department reports a three-alarm fire tonight at 43 Iroquois St. did an estimated $500,000 in damage, but caused no injuries.

The fire, reported around 8:25 p.m., started on a rear first-floor porch, the department says, adding the cause is under investigation.




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Not college students

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Very nice folks, tragic event.

Glad no one was hurt

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It speaks to the great job of

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It speaks to the great job of the fire departments that nobody had been seriously injured in one of these fires.

Even if it wasn't college students I'd be curious to know if the city was less likely to keep up on inspections in areas that house many students. I don't have any evidence for that just wondering.

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Most fires involving students in Mission Hill are caused by a BBQ Grill on the porches or careless disposal of cigarettes.

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Further complicated by old

Further complicated by old building methods that have long been prohibited by newer building codes. Most of the buildings are the perfectly built campfire just waiting for a spark.

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