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One state authority wants to sue another over Boston Harbor electrical cable

Massport wants in on a federal lawsuit against Eversource and the MWRA over an electrical cable that feeds the Deer Island sewage plant, which the government says was not installed as deeply under Boston Harbor as required, which means it's now in the way of a $350-million dredging project.

Massport recently asked a judge in US District Court in Boston to let it join the legal affray - on the side of the Army Corps of Engineers. Massport says the cable will keep it from dredging the Reserved Channel for two berths at the Conley Terminal able to handle larger ships that will soon be able to come through the Panama Canal.

Like the feds, Massport wants the cable either removed or buried even deeper than it is now.

Under an agreement with the federal government, the 115-kV cable wass supposed to be buried at least 25 feet below the bottom of the harbor in 1989 and 1990; the feds, however, say at some points it's buried just 12 feet down.

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Higher water bills for everyone!

Why isn't the contractor who screwed the pooch on this being sued? Irrespective of what side wins the lawsuit it will be the public that is stuck with the tab.

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