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Oops: Hull man calls police to report break-in, then they arrest him for the explosive device they say they found in his house

A Hull man was arrested for illegal possession of an explosive device today as police were combing his house for clues to the break-in he'd reported.

Kevin Butler, 26, was also charged with illegal possession of anabolic steroids and disturbing the peace, Hull Police say.

Police say Butler called 911 around noon to report his house at 544 Nantasket Ave. had been broken into and that the thief made off with a safe and his car:

During course of investigation, the vehicle was recovered unoccupied a short distance away on Beach Avenue. While on scene at Butler's Nantasket Avenue residence, officers discovered what appeared to be an explosive device. Hull Police secured the scene, and the Hull Fire Department, along with the Massachusetts State Police Bomb Squad, responded to the area.

The State Police Bomb Squad rendered the device -- an approximately five-inch cylinder packed with what appears to be an explosive powder -- to be safe.

Police say they are continuing to investigate the break-in.

Innocent, etc.

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As stupid does

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Is this the same guy who robbed a bank in Taunton in 2012?

Abington man to be charged with robbery of Taunton branch of Bristol County Savings Bank

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