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At this point, it's no surprise: Red Line trains dropping like flies

Yet another Red Line train has departed this mortal coil, this time at Quincy Center. You know the drill.

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This week has been another disaster for the MBTA. Between cars dying, Green Line trains derailing, track fires, and the damaged commuter rail train being put back into service with no repairs, this is just an embarrassment.

Not to mention the Silver Line is now well past peak-hour capacity. The 3 bus- SL1, SL2, SLW - system does a terrible job separating the destinations. E.g: The SL2 going to the Boston Design Center (now almost full tenancy) fills up with all of the people getting off at WTC, and the people who actually need to get to the BDC are left waiting for multiple buses.

But forget all that, let's just build a helipad.

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