Public Garden has all its ducks in a row for Christmas

Mrs. Mallard in her Christmas finest in the Public Garden

Neil the roving UHub photographer stopped to snap the Public Garden duck family, now all ready for Christmas.




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I thought he was Irish

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but was just missing an apostrophe in his O'Uack

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Where are their jackets?

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Wednesday's Boston Herald, as well as the Herald website, have photos of the ducklings wearing tartan jackets:

The Herald says the jackets have been provided by the Museum of Fine Arts, in honor of their current exhibit on the art of Robert McCloskey.

I walked through the Garden this morning, Wednesday, and there was no sign of the jackets, just the hats, ribbons, and bows depicted here.

So what happened to the jackets?

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Make way for ducklings drama?

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My charitable guess is the jackets and other gear were put on for the photo op Wednesday. Jackets were removed to be be put back on during live event Thursday.

My thoughts and prayers are with Mama Mallard and her team.

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