Public pledges in Dudley Square

Words in Dudley Square

Through tomorrow, Now and There is sponsoring Ramirez Jonas to compile pledges of all sorts on a sign board outside the BPL branch in Dudley Square:

Ramirez Jonas, working with Boston performers, presents a billboard of constantly changing pledges - yours, mine, scientists’, and those of our presidential candidates. Together we’re making a piece of art about promises, those contracts we with make with each other and with ourselves, and the potent speech acts that keep a society together


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Public Trust moves to Kendall and Copley Sq.

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Paul Ramirez Jonas' artwork, Public Trust, moved from Dudley Sq. to Kendall Sq. You can make your promise all this week at 315 Main Street in Cambridge. On Sept 11 you can find Public Trust in Copley Sq. through Sept. 17. Make your promise public!

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