A rising tide lifts all bikes

Rising tide under North Washington Street bridge

David Wean watched the tide come in under the North Washington Street bridge today.


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Morrisey Blvd and Malibu Beach too

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A few minutes ago , Morrissey Blvd southbound was down to one lane, and that lane was filled with 5-10 inches of water. I looked over at Malibu Beach and the entire beach sand and grass , was covered with water. I never saw it like that.

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Want to start a pool?

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For lack of a better word...on how long it will take for a King Tide to meet a Nor' Easter, and do some immediate and massive damage. Not to mention, I can't help but think a lot of the infrastructure that is currently being submerged is undoubtedly made to be near water, but how much of it is made to be UNDER water? You've got to think that periodic submersion will cause erosion...

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