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Third of three charged with 2014 double murder in Mattapan arrested in Georgia

Boston Police report the arrest of the final suspect in the shooting deaths of Clarence McGregor, 25, of Dorchester and Teasia Montgomery, 28, of Medford on Rosewood Street in Mattapan on Jan. 27, 2014.

Lorenzo Jones, 29, was nabbed by US marshals in Augusta, GA today, police say.

Tony Evans, 25, of Mattapan and and Steven Stephen, 26, of Dorchester, were arraigned last month, after police found Evans in Charlotte, NC, and Stephen in a Massachusetts jail.

According to the Suffolk County District Attorney's office:

Boston Police responded to shots fired in the area of 92 Rosewood St. at about 2:45 that morning to find both victims suffering from life-threatening injuries: McGregor was lying in the roadway and Montgomery was on the sidewalk about 15 yards away. The two were transported to area hospitals, where they died of their injuries.

Evans, Jones, and Stephen were identified as suspects through ballistics at the scene, witness statements, cell tower records, and other evidence carefully and methodically gathered during the past two years. Police and prosecutors say the victims were the intended targets of the shootings.

Jones sustained a gunshot injury during an unrelated incident late last year that may affect his ability to travel, and his return to Boston for arraignment has not yet been scheduled.

Innocent, etc.


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Yes, I had to testify to the grand jury. Clarence wasn't laying in the roadway and the medics took a very long time to get him out of the suv and to the hospital. He literally spoke his last words as they were questioning him.

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