Truck strikes bridge on Franklin Line; the commute home is anything but fine

Peter Wilson reports the Franklin Line's newfound slowness is due to the way somebody drove a cement truck into a bridge carrying the line in Walpole.


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Actually, the Holy Grail of Boston

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traffic messes is when we achieve what the traffic reporters call "The Great Circle of Traffic."

That's when the loop starting from the O'Neill Tunnel, going down the Expressway and I-93 into Canton, then up I-95 (128) into Woburn, then back down I-93 into Downtown Boston is entirely solid red for the full length of the loop on the traffic condition maps. Bonus points if it's solid red in both directions.

Almost saw that earlier today, save for a gap where the road was closed.

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Well then

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Are you sure that the truck hit the bridge? Or was the bridge trying to race around the truck and, well, the bridge should just watch out?

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