What would you do with one million photos of the Boston skyline?

OK, to be accurate: 900,000 photos of the Boston skyline, and another 150,000 of the Cambridge skyline, all taken from the same spot in Cambridge over a five-year period.

Adrian Dalca took all those photos from a window in an MIT (of course!) residential building. Naturally, he's now trying to figure out what to do with them all:

Given the size and quality of the dataset, there are many interesting directions to explore. We've found some interesting phenomena. ... Can one predict the temperature based on a Boston image? Can one synthesize timelapses under specific parameters? Can the Canon 5D pictures improve the (more available) GoPro Hero pictures? Can we estimate the Boston Skyline depth with the parallax and shading? If you're interested in any research problem and can use this data, simply contact me. In the future, we hope to make the dataset easily available to download, but a lot more pre-processing and organization needs to happen until then.

Via Boston Reddit.


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