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$150 million makes up for a tiny bit of shadow on the Common, councilor says

Councilor Bill Linehan (South Boston, South End, Chinatown, downtown) says whatever minimal shadows the proposed Millennium tower at Winthrop Square might so tangentially put on Boston Common is more than made up for by the $150 million the city would earn from the sale of the old garage there.

At a Boston City Council meeting today, Linehan urged his colleagues to vote for a request to the state legislature to get rid of the city's current Common shadow rules, in part because the sale would mean $67 million in new funds for open space in general and the Emerald Necklace in particular and $25 million to $35 million in renovation funds for the Old Colony project in South Boston and the Orient Heights project in East Boston.

Besides, he said, the tower wouldn't cast any shadow on the Common after 9:30 a.m. and it would be exempt from the current ban altogether if it were in the nearby Midtown Cultural District.

Not so fast there, Councilor Tito Jackson (Roxbury) objected.

"It's not about a shadow, it's about shadowy decision making," he said, citing a litany of issues with the way the old garage passed from city ownership to the BRA for sale to Millennium Partners.

He called the effort to get the legislature to end the current "shadow bank" so that Millennium Partners can build a bad idea. And there's not even a guarantee the city will get the full $150 million from Millennium Partners, because $50 million would be contingent on the sale of residential units in the building.

"We are permanently putting a shadow on the oldest public park in the United States of America," he said. "What does that say about public policy, what does that say about fair play, what does that say about precedent this actually sets?"

As is its usual custom, the council took no action on the proposal, but instead assigned it to the Committee on Government Operations for a hearing and review before voting on it.


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NIMBYism at its finest

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Not NIMBYism this time. Laws in place for ... DECADES that limit the heights of buildings in certain zones.

You might want to look them up sometime.

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And if they're on the council to override.

Turns out that I agree with Councilor Blank every once in a while. Something about blind squirrels, etc.

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Shadow law is a state law. I wonder if there's a problem with issuing a Request For Bids that is not incompliance with state law. This RFB specified development was limited by FAA height regulation. That was not altogether true. In fact, it is limited by the Commonwealth's Shadow Law height regulation. The bid process was flawed as a matter of fact and this may expose the bid process to legal liability.

The council vote is a vote to run with the problematic winning bid no matter the obstacles, which include modifying state law and winning legal challenges if any. I hope they get a legal opinion before they vote.


The first public botanical garden in America, its form, plantings, and statuary evoke its Victorian heritage. This green and flowering oasis in the heart of a great metropolis has become a Boston icon. No visit would be complete without a stroll in the Garden and a voyage on one of its Swan Boats.

The Garden is truly a people’s park and a public pride. It is not only accessible to everyone, but citizens have always played an extraordinary role in protecting and preserving it. Observing the Garden on a peaceful summer’s day with the trees in leaf, the flower beds bright with color, and the Swan Boats tracing their tranquil course around the serpentine pond, you would never think of it as a civic battleground. In fact, it has been an ongoing struggle to keep these twenty-four acres of reclaimed land as a place of quiet beauty for the enjoyment of all.

Marty Walsh and Brian Golden don't want to admit they bollixed the sale of Winthrop Square. BPDA's so called public meeting about the impact of the shadow was a farce. So now they ask City Council to authorize the "fuck-it... take the money approach."

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The mayor already has the money spent. I wonder who was invited to sit at the table to discuss priorities for this capitol, and why it doesn't include fixing the water pipes in Boston Schools.

the sale would mean $67 million in new funds for open space in general and the Emerald Necklace in particular and $25 million to $35 million in renovation funds for the Old Colony project in South Boston and the Orient Heights project in East Boston.

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Isn't the Common everyone's backyard?

With the amount of buildings going up, its amazing that we'll be able to get any view anywhere. Can't see the Zakim from the 93 bus anymore except 1 place before going over the bridge.

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Isn't a right, it was a privilege. So you're saying people shouldn't build places for others to live/work because it might mean faegirl can't see the Zakim bridge on her bus ride home anymore?

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It certainly is faegirl's and all of our right to see the Zakim and sky and open space in Boston. Building lucrative investment opportunity high rise gated communities that benefit only a select few is a privilege that should only be extended after careful review and with proven benefit to the city as a whole.

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Just get closer to it. it's not your right to see it from every spot in the City.

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Let a favorite Councilor know ideas, comment, suggestions, questions

The Councilor's remarks, please scroll/search to instances of the word... shadow

; 04/12/17 1:47 am ; ;;;;Boston city council testing April 12, 2017

Welcome to our Boston city council meeting. Madam clerk, can you call
the roll to ascertain a quorum?

Councillor Baker. Councillor Campbell. Councillor Ciommo. Councillor
Essaibi-george. Councillor Flaherty. Councillor Jackson. Councillor
Lamattina. Councillor Linehan. Chore mccarthy. Councillor O'Malley.


Councillor Pressley. Councillor Wu.


Councillor Zakim.

Thank you, madam clerk. At this time I'd like to ask all councillors
and guests to please rise and I will hand it over to Councillor
O'Malley who introduce our faith leader for the day. After the
invocation is delivered, remain standing and Councillor O'Malley will
lead us in the pledge of allegiance. Councillor O'Malley?

Thank you, madam president. It's my honor to bring us for the dias,
annie russo. Someone that I consider a dear friend, a spiritual leader
and one of the finest political activists in the city of
Boston. Reverend russo is from jamaica plains. She's an amazing
individual. Someone that I'm proud and lucky to call a
friends. Welcome reverend annie russo.

Thank you, councillor. Let us pray. God of all nations and people, we
are grateful for the dream of freedom, justice and peace forever
promised by your spirit. We're grateful that you call every man and
woman to live by that dream, to embody it in our world by asking the
question, making the sacrifices and organizing the community. We pray
today for the world, a world that is dedicated to wealth and
possession instead of equality and justice. We pray for all the
nations overrun by war, violence and injustice. Looking for a vision
of peace and righteousness. We play for our beloved city now and
during the coming days. Keep her and her citizens safe as we welcome
your sons and daughters from around the world. Bless those that run
the marathon, especially the clarity runners who run so others may be
cured and have a place to call home. May the wind be at their
backs. Bless those public servants that stand before you today and all
those that set aside they private pursuit. Give them the wisdom. Since
we're all connected, we're accountable to each other and this earthly
home we share. Give them the courage to take the small steps. May they
be given the power of discernment to know what is right and good for
all the citizens of Boston. Inspire them so that they play be the
source of bold ideas, place them with sensitivity, so that they may be
compassionate leaders of our city. We ask your blessing too on the
families, colleagues and dedicated staff that support them in their
work. Got of hope, together with you and with each other, we strive to
build a city with enrichment, neighborhoods respectand made strong,
communities more inclusive, a city that is beautiful, true and worthy
of your generosity to us. Amen.

I pledge allegiance, to the united states of america. And to the
republic for which it stands. One nation, under god indivisible with
liberty and justice for all.

Thank you, reverend. Thank you, Councillor O'Malley. Madam clerk, can
you please mark that Councillor Campbell is present as well as
Councillor Pressley?

Thank you.

And now I am happy to turn it over again for Councillor O'Malley for a
very special presentation.

Thank you again, madam president. I'd like to ask john samuelson to
join me on the dais and fellow well-wishers that can join me and the
council president on the dais. Four years ago, this body started the
tradition the year after the marathon bombing and attack, which
obviously resonated with every bostonian and throughout the country,
we began by acknowledging the great work of dave mcgilvrey. We
celebrated team hoyt, a father and son team that have more fighting
spirit than anyone. Last year we celebrated jack foltz on his famous
run. This year we're celebrating joan benoit samuelson. There's an
iconic ad that nike did. We discussed it earlier. It was the early
80s. I don't remember. I was too young to remember at the
time. Luckily youtube has made it relevant again. It begins by a woman
hitting her alarm clock at 5:25 a.m. We hear the voiceover of the
morning news show. Talking about the weather and talking about news
and contests and we're listening to this, we see this woman putting on
her nikes, stretching. Opens the door. It's raining. The woman closes
the door. We assume she would go back to bed. Instead, she grabs her
rain coat and heads out. As she grabs her rain coat, we see a bib. The
voiceover says congratulations to joanie samuel son who won the Boston
marathon. I can tell you how that ad impacted me in running and
politics. How many days that we've had it's been raining and tough and
hard but because of the strength of people like joan samuelson, we
fight harder. She's won the Boston marathon in 1979 while a senior in
college. She won it, had a course regard for a decade plus three
years. 1984, the first time there was a women's marathon in the
olympics, she ran. Two weeks before the trial, she had knee
surgery. She still qualified, laced up in l.a. And she won the women's
marathon with a regard that endured for many years. She's one of the
finest athletes of all time. Not only is her athleticism so amazing,
the leadership that she's shown. We're teaming with joan and how she's
always giving back, supported the marathon and raises millions for
clarity and support along the way. Although she's a mainer in heart,
we claim here here in Boston and she's an incredibly loyal daughter of
the city we love. That's why I'm honored on behalf of my colleagues to
proclaim April 12th as join benoit samuelson day.

[applause] joan benoit samuelson. [applause]

Thank you, councillor, my gratitude to the entire Boston city
council. I'm almost speechless out here. Fortunately I'm surrounded by
very near and dear friends. Nobody received a proclamation like this
who runs the marathon alone. It takes countless people to support that
single marathoner. I'm in debted to my husband, my family and to many
dear friends that are here with me on the dais. I'd like to thank tom
wilson for continuing this journey many so many positive ways and to
rob friedman and john hancock for sponsoring an event that knows
literally no finish line. I'd like to congratulate dave mcgilvrey and
dave foltz. I don't consider myself one of the greatest athletes. I
consider myself one of the most passionate athletes. I grew up in an
era right as title 9 legislation came to be and it was thought that a
woman rain more than a mile, they would do bodily harm and never have
children. And now to a mother of two, one that will be running on
Monday --

[applause] and as the group behind me would be so kind to give me a
number for Monday, I might jump in with my daughter. I look forward to
running my first marathon in the state of maine, that was once part of
Massachusetts. I have a big birthday five days before the
marathon. I'll be running with a gentleman that turned 63 three days
before I did who will also be running in Boston and then the sugar
loaf marathon with parkinsons so this event touches everyone. I am
delighted to be a very small part of something that is so wonderful
and knows no finish line. So hopefully it won't rain on Monday. Again,
my thanks to each and every one of you for coming forth to celebrate
not only me, but the bigger world of running and life. Because all the
charities that have benefitted from the Boston marathon have reached
out to every sector of life. Godspeed to each and every one of
you. Thank you so much. [applause]

Everyone in the audience running Monday, would you please stand.


The good looking guy in the green jacket, that's my father
george. He's running, raising money for dana. He raised $26,200 in
honor of my sister, jill.


All right. Back to business. Thanks, Councillor O'Malley. Thank you
for that presentation. Thank you to joan. Madam clerk, can you please
mark that Councillor Baker is here. And we will begin with a preview
of the minutes from last meeting. Any changes or amendments to the
minutes? The minute stand approved. We will begin today's meeting is
going to be a lengthy reading, so we thank madam clerk in
advance. These are the individual dockets that make up the fy-18
budget. Communications from the mayor.

Docket Number 0536. Message and order for an annual appropriation for
the fy-18, filed on April 10, 2017. Docket Number 0537 for the fy-2018
filed on April 7, 217. Docket Number 0538. Message and order approving
and appropriation of $40 million to the other post employment benefits
known as the liability trust fund established under section 20 of
Massachusetts general laws chapter 32 d, filed in the offices of the
city clerk on April 10, 2017. Docket Number 0539. Message and order
authorizing the city of Boston to appropriate the amount of
$45,385,000 from the city's capital grant fund in order to provide
funding for various transportation improvements. These projects are
aligned with the goals of Boston 2030. The city's transportation
master plan. The funds shall be credited to the capital grant fund,
from the parking meter fund. And to enter into one or more leases,
lease purchase or installments sales agreements in fiscal year 2018 in
an amount not to exceed $37,500,000. These funds are to be used by
various city departments for the acquisition of equipment and
furtherance in their respected governmental function. The list of
equipment includes computer equipment, hardware and software, motor
vehicles, trailers, ambulances, firefighting equipments,
telecommunications equipment, medical equipment, educational
equipment, school buses, parking meters, street lights, traffic signal
equipment and equipment functionally related to and components of the
foregoing filed in the office of the city April 10. Docket Number
0541, message and order for the appropriation of an order in the
amount of $255,265,000 for the acquisition of the assets of the
landscaping authorization remediation, rehabilitation or improvement
of public lands, the construction, rehabilitation and improvement, at
earl raise, remodelling and demolition, removal or repairs of public
buildings. Facilities, assets, works or infrastructure. The cost of
feasibility studies, engineering or plans and specifications for
purchase and installation of computer hardware, all software and
computers, assisted integrated financial management and accounting
systems for any of the public works improvements or assets within a
maximum useful life of at least five years. Not otherwise specified
for planting shade trees or the purpose of various departments
including the Boston center for use and families, the Boston
redevelopment authority, school and transportation departments, filed
in the office of the city clerk. Docket Number 0542. Message and
appropriate order in the amount of $3,135,000 for the construction and
rehabilitation of the municipal golf courses including the acquisition
and reconstruction of land, installation of replacement of irrigation
systems, construction and rehabilitation of buildings and the cost of
equipment and furnishes, filed in the office of the clerk 2017. And
Docket Number number 0543. Message and appropriation order in the
amount of $660,000 in aid of the economic development industrial
corporation and the Boston redevelopment authority, dba, Boston
planning and development agency for the engineering and design of
improvements at the raymond l. Flynn marine park. Filed in the office
of the city clerk in April 2017.

Docket Number 0536 through 0543 will be assigned to the committee on
ways and means.

Double number 0549. Message and order authorizing limits of the
mayor's office of the arts and cultural revolving fund for fiscal year
2018 to purchase goods and services to support the operations of the
spree theater, this fund shall be used by receipts of the strand
theater. The mayor's office has asked that this be the only you any to
extend from the funds and such expenditures shall be cast at
$150,000. Docket Number --

We may have skipped 0544.

I did. I'm sorry. Out of order.

No worries.

Docket Number 0544, an ordinance authorizing certain revolving funds
in accordance with provisions of general law 44-53 as amended by
chapter 218 in the act of 2016. Municipal modernization act. Filed in
the office of the city clerk on April 10, 2017.

Docket Number 0544 will be assigned to the committee on government

Thank you, madam president. Docket Number 0545. Message and order
authorizing the law department revolving fund for fiscal year 2018 to
purchase goods and services for repairs to city property. This
revolving fund shall be funded by receipts from recoveries from damage
to city property caused by third parties. The law department shall be
the only unit authorized to extend from the fund and such expenditures
shall be capped at $500,000. Docket Number 0546. Message and order for
the environment department revolving funds for fiscal year 2018 to
facilitate the purchase of offset s in greenhouse gas emissions as
well as to operate and plain taken the city's existing facilities and
to expand the city's generating capacity. This revolving fund shall be
credited with any and all receipts from the sale of renewable energy
produced by the city's solar arrays. Receipts and results expenditures
from the fund shall not exceed $250,000. Docket Number 0547, message
and order authorizing the limits of the mayor's office on
tourism. Revolving funds for fiscal year 2018 to purchase goods and
services to support events and programming on and around city hall
plaza to advance tourism and to promote participation in public
celebration, civic and cultural events. This revolving fund shall be
funded by receipts from payments for the use of city hall plaza
pursuant to the city of Boston code, ordinances 11.7.14. The mayor's
office of tourism will be the only unit authorized to extend from the
fund and such expenditures shall be cast at $150,000. Docket Number
0548. Message and order authorizing the limits of the office of
cultures revolving fund for fiscal year 2018 to purchase goods and
services to support public arts to enhance public grounds throughout
the city of Boston. This revolving fund shall be funded by receipts
from easements that end the public way, granted by the public
improvements commission. The mayor's office will be the only unit
authorized to extend from the fund and such expenditures shall be
capped at $150,000. Docket Number 0549. Message and order for the
Boston cultural rehave offing fund for fiscal year 2018 to purchase
bids and services to support the operation of the strand theater. This
revolving fund shall be funded by receipts of rental fees. The mayor's
office will be the only unit to expend from the fall and such
expenditures will be capped at $150,000. Docket Number 0550. A limit
of the revolving fund to support the maintenance and repair for bps
facilities including custodial and utility costs for extended building
time, floor refinishing, landscaping, building repairs, receipts from
lease and permit and parking fees for bps facilities will be deposited
in the fund. Dps -- bps will be the only one to use the fund. Docket
Number 0551. Message and order authorizing a limit to the Boston
public schools revolving fund for fiscal year 2018 to repair and
purchase Boston public schools computer, technology including
computers, mobile devices and instructional services. This resolving
fund shall be credited to any and all receipts and repair fees for bps
technology. Receipts and resulting expenditures from the funds shall
not exceed $1,500,000. Docket Number 0552. Message and order
authorizing a limit for the bps revolving funds for fiscal year
2018. Boston public schools transportation costs including Boston
public transportation costs. This revolving fund shall be credited
with revenue received for the provision of transportation for groups
and entities for field trips and activities other tran transportation
to and from schools. Expenditures from this fund shall not exceed
$125,000. Docket Number 0553, message and order authorizing the limits
of the inspectional services department for revolving funds for the
year 2018. Reimburse for administrative costs to those city agencies
that enforce cbc chapter 16 section 1.9 and 1.9 b. And often
associated with licensing and registration. This revolving fund shall
be credited with receipts from all registration, fees collected
pursuant to section 6-10. And fines pursuant to bcc section 1.9 and
1.9 b. Receipts and resulting expenditures from the fund shall not
exceed $300,000. Docket Number 0554. Message and order authorizing a
limit of the Boston tenors for use and families bcyf revolving funds
for fiscal year 2018. Salaries and benefits to employees and purchase
supplies and equipment necessary to operate city hall child care. This
revolving fund shall be credited with any and all receipts from
tuition paid by parents or guardians for school enrolled at the
center. Receipts and resulting expenditures from this fund shall not
exceed $750,000. Docket Number number 0555. Message and order
authorizing the limits of the Boston police department revoling fund
for fiscal year 2018. To support training for offices of Boston nonlaw
enforcements agencies. Benefitting the agencies and tuition for each
recruit police officer, or special police officer that they send to
the academy. The tuition paid by the outside agencies will be used to
purchase training equipment, certify instructors, update facilities
and to provide funds for training needs not otherwise budgeted. The
police academy will be the only unit authorized to expend from the
fund and such expenditures shall be capped at $100,000. Docket Number
0556. Message and order authorizing the limits of the Boston police
department's revolving fund for fiscal year 2018. To support the k-9
units training program for officers and police dogs for noncity of
Boston law enforcement agencies. They will charge fees to outside law
enforcement agencies for their k-9 unit. The tuition and other fees be
outside agencies will be used to purchase training equipment, certify
strawers and provide funds for other needs not otherwise budgeted. The
special operations division will be the only unit authorized to expend
from the fund and such expenditures shall be capped at $75,000. Docket
Number 0557. Message and order authorizing a limit of the Boston
police department revolving funds for fiscal year 2018. The purchase
of purchasing or releasing space, materials and equipment to be
partially or wholly used for the instructional purposes for the new
driver applications and surviving funds for other training needs not
otherwise budgeted. Receipts and resulting expenditures from the fund
shall not exceed $100,000. Docket Number 0558. Message and order
authorizing the limit for the Boston police department revolving fund
for fiscal year 2018 to pay salaries and benefits of employees and to
purchase supplies, equipment necessary to operate the police
department's fitness center. Revenues for this fund is derived from
monthly membership fees. Receipts and resulting expenditures from this
fund shall not exceed $250,000. Docket Number 0559. Message and order
authorizing limits for the Boston public schools revolving fund for
fiscal year 2017. To support maintenance and repair for bps facilities
including custodial and utility costs, building repairs and
landscaping. Receipts from permits and fees from bps facilities will
be deposited in this fund. Bps will be the only unit authorized to
expend from the fund and such expenditures shall not exceed
$2,600,000. Docket Number number 0560. Message and order authorizing a
limit for the environment department and revolving fund for fiscal
year 2017. To facilitate the purchase and offset of greenhouse gas
emissions which shall be associated with the portion of electricity
consumed by the city annually. As well as to operate maintaining the
city's existing solar facilities and to extend the cities generating
capacity. This revolving fund shall be credited with any and all
receipts from the sale solve solar, renewable energy certificates
produced by the city's solar voltaic arrays. Receipts and results
expenditures from the funds shall not exceed $250,000. Docket Number
number 0561. Message and order authorizing the appropriation of
$1,200,000 from the income of the george francis parkman fund. The
funds are to be extended under the direction of the commissioner of
parks and recreation for maintenance and improvements of the Boston
common and park in existence since January 12, 1887.

Thank you, madam clerk. Dockets number 0545-0561 will be assigned to
the committee on ways and means. Madam clerk, before we proceed with
the next segment of the agenda, I've received a request to move for
consideration of the placement of Docket Number 0544. Is there any
objection to reconsider this Docket Number and its assignment? So this
had been assigned to the committee on government operations. Upon
consultation, seemed more appropriate for the committee on ways and
means as well as government operations. I'll defer to the two chairman
for further comments. Great. Okay. So thank you, madam clerk. That is
Docket 0544. Jointly assigned to the committee on government
operations and ways and means. Now we will proceed with the reports of
public officers and others.

Docket Number 0562. Notices received from the mayor of his absence of
the city from 6:15 a.m. On Thursday, april situation until 9:45
p.m. On Wednesday, April 12, 2017. Docket Number 0563, communication
received regarding Boston logan airport and the parking lot. Docket
Number 0564, communication was received from Councillor Josh zakim
that he won't be in the meeting April 17, 2017. Docket Number 0565,
communication received from brian p. Goldman reporting minor
modifications to the south end urban renewal plan project, number mass
r-56 with respect to parcel 30 a.

Docket Number 0562 through 0565 will be placed on file. Reports of
committees. Councillor Linehan, would you like these read together?
Madam clerk, could you please read the next two together.

Thank you, madam president. Docket Number 0416. Committee on planning
and development to which was referred to on March 15, 2017. Docket
Number 0416. Message and order to declare a surplus for former public
works department also located at the northeast corner of richie street
and columbus avenue in the third district, parcel 00867010 and to
transfer the care, custody, management and control of said property to
the public facilities commission to make a report recommending the
order ought to pass. Docket Number 0417, the commitsty on planning and
development to which was referred on March 15, 2017. Docket Number
0417. Message and order to defer the city-owned foreign public works
located at willow forest in the Dorchester district, parcel 03510000
and to transfer the care, custody and management and control of said
property to the public facilities commission. Submits a record
recommending the order ought to pass.

Docket Numbers 0416, the chair of the committee of planning and
development, Councillor Linehan.

I'd just like to congratulate my colleague on my right who has decided
that he know longer also runs for election. We wish him the best. Wish
you well. So last week, the committee on planning and development held
a meeting. William epperson with the senior project manager, james
mcdonough, the attorney and donald wright, all from the department of
neighborhood development attended and made a presentation on why
number 0416 should be disposed of. And so along with 0417. The first
docket is located in ward 11 in Roxbury. This particular docket is
adjacent to the property and extension to a sentner the jackson square
area. Approximately 6,000 square feet. Appraised value, $120,000 and I
truly am in support of its disposition to get the project moving on
behalf of the people of Roxbury. On Docket 0417, this parcel is
located on willow court in Dorchester. Councillor Baker's
district. 1,100 square feet. A linear parcel adjacent to a development
that will allow for greater access and egress and convenience were the
neighbors and others. So this also seems to be a very prudent
disposition. I ask for my colleagues for support.

Thank you, Councillor Linehan. Would anyone else like to speak on
these matters?

Councillor Baker.

Thank you. I do support this transfer here that the Councillor
Presided over. Thank you.

Thank you, Councillor Baker. At this time Councillor Linehan moves for
acceptance of the committee record and passage of both docket. We will
take them one by one. Madam clerk is signalling these to me these need
to be roll-called. Great. A roll call for Docket Number 416.

Councillor Baker.


Councillor Campbell. Yes. Councillor Ciommo yes. Councillor
Essaibi-george. Yes. Councillor Flaherty. Yes. Councillor
Jackson. Yes.Councillor Lamattina. Yes. Councillor
Linehan. Yes. Councillor Mccarthy. Yes. Councillor
O'Malley. Yes. Councillor Pressley. Yes. Councillor
Wu. Yes. Perfect. Madam president. Thank you. Docket Number 0416 has
been passed with a 12-0 vote. Call the roll on Docket 0417.

Docket Number 0417. Councillor Baker. Yes. Councillor
Campbell. Yes. Councillor Ciommo. Yes. Councillor
Essaibi-george. Yes. Councillor Flaherty. Yes. Councillor
Jackson. Yes. Councillor Lamattina. Yes. Councillor
Linehan. Yes. Councillor Mccarthy. Yes. Councillor
O'Malley. Yes. Councillor Pressley. Yes. Councillor Wu.


Councillor Wu, yes. Councillor Zakim is absent.

Thank you, madam clerk. Docket 0417 has also been passed with a 12-0
vote. Matters recently heard for possible action. Madam president,
I'll read those four.

Let's start with Docket Number 0484.

We could do that. That would make sense.

Thank you, madam president. Docket Number 0484. Order for city council
to hold biannual urban renewal progress update hearings until 2022.

Chair recognizes Councillor Linehan from planning and development.

Thank you, madam president. On Monday, April 10, we held a two-hour
meeting which was basically an update from the Boston planning and
development authority. Informing us about their progress on urban
renewal. Rvas and the like. The returning council members were
present. They participated in a vigorous discussion with questions and
actually laid out criteria for our next update in six months. Most of
the colleagues felt that they made progress and that it is -- it's
proven to be a very important time each year that -- for every six
months we get an update on these matters and the community -- many
members of the community were present also. Thank you. This matter
should be retained in the committee.

Thank you, Councillor Linehan. Docket Number 0484 will remain in the
committee on planning and development.

Docket Number 0182. Message and order authorizing the commission to
extend a grant of $129,910 from the u.s. Department of justice and
Massachusetts executive office of public safety and security for the
fy-17 burn grant for the purposes of sex offender registry
notification act to the address verification pilot problem. Docket
Number 0247. Message and order authorizing the police commissioner to
accept a grant of $1,114, 789.29 from the Massachusetts office of
public safety and security through the city of Boston's police
department to support the fy-2017 community safety initiative. Docket
Number 0342. Message and order authorizing the city of Boston to
accept and extend a grant of $40,000 for the fy-17 mass
decontamination unit to be straited by the Boston fire
department. Docket Number 0343. Message and order authorizing the
police commissioner to accept and extend a grant of $25,000 from the
fy-15 cover dale forensics science improvement awarded by the national
institute of justin, the state police crime lab.

On Docket Number 0342 and 0343, chair recognizes the chair of the
committee on public safety and criminal justice, Councillor Campbell.

Thank you, madam president and thank you, madam clerk. I want to thank
Councillor Flaherty that joins us Monday for the hearing that we held
on these several grants. So I'll take them in order. Docket Number
0182 in the amount of $129,910 is going towards a one-year pilot
program called the address verification pilot program. Sergeant ken
turner from the Boston police department testified in regards to this
matter. Currently suffolk county has the highest number of sex
offenders in violation of mandates. This pilot program will include
cooperation with the full board, the Massachusetts state police and
the marshall's office and will have funding for overtime for bpd
defectors. Docket Number 0247 in the amount of $1,114,789.29 is for
the shannon community safety initiative. The Boston police department
spoke about the strategies and potentially new strategies that they're
employing to ensure that new organizations will apply for this funding
as well as insists that more of the money from the grant goes to the
community and less to do with the city of Boston. New competitive rfp
process he established 16 programs that are currently sponsored by the
grant. They've been chosen for the work of young people between the
ages of 10 and 24 with high rates of violence and a proven track
record. Programs are currentsly operating in police directs c-11, b-2,
b-3 and a-7, which is east Boston. We just added east Boston. He noted
that he as well as the department of seeing improved public safety
measures the outcome and that this funding of course, we always wish
we could get more, they'll continue to advocate to the state level for
additional funding, this funding is vital to programs that serve you,
particularly those at risk for gang involvement. Third is Docket
Number number 3th 0342. Captain edward anderson from the Boston fire
department testified. This was $40,000 for mass decontamination
unit. The mdu stationed at local hospitals equipped to respond in the
event of an incident, which requires patients to be
decontaminated. They're predeployed for events like the marathon and
July 4th celebrations. Equipment supported by this grant includes
inflatable shelters, generators, air heaters, water heaters, barrier
tape, cleaning supplies, separators and so much more. The last docket,
Docket Number 0343 in the. A of $25,000. This is for the coverdale
forensic science improvement plan. Maria cheevers is from the Boston
list department and testified on behalf of this grant. This is the
tenth year that the department is receiving this from the national
institute of justice, anticipates and will continue to receive this
award. The grant passes through the mass state police and is for use
by the Boston police department's forensic unit for training and
conferences that they attend throughout the year. I recommend as chair
of the committee on public safety that all four dockets pass. Thank

Thank you, Councillor Campbell. Any one else like to comment on these
dockets? Seeing none, we'll take each of them separately starting with
Docket 0182. Councillor Campbell moves for acceptance and passage. All
those in favor say aye. The ayes have it. Docket 0247, all those in
favor raise your hand. All in favor say aye. All opposed say
ney. Docket Number 0432. All in favor say aye. All opposed say
ney. Ayes have it. Docket Number 0432 has been passed. Docket Number
0433 all in favor say aye. All opposed say ney. Docket 0433 has been

Docket Number 0291. Order for a hearing to create an immigrant defense

Chair recognizes the chair of healthy women, family and communities,
Councillor Pressy.

Thank you, madam president. I want to comment the maker of this,
Councillor Jackson, for bringing this issue before the body. Thank you
to Councillor Campbell for his participation. So this hearing was hold
on men regarding an immigrant defense fund. Our panel lists did a
great job. I want to acknowledge the very good work of so many
organizations for immigrants and detainees and unaccompanied children
that are often lost in these discussions. I want to thank the irish
american affairs aclu, the bar association. For their decades long
effort and especially now given the current political rhetoric climate
from executive orders. We want to acknowledge the work from the
mayor's office. We thank alexandra to make sure that every resident
knows their rights and live the best live post in the city. Regardless
of status and documentation. Today if you enter the Boston immigration
corps without an attorney, you have a chance of the winning by
40%. Our first panel of experts were from the irish immigration center
and roxanna. Automatic outlying the unique challenges that attorneys
face and access of legal representation. These hearings are civil
cases. People have no legal rights to court-appointed lawyers. They
would if this were a criminal case. The way these hearings are
scheduled eliminates the effectiveness of pro bono lawyers to get up
to speed. The need is staggering. In fiscal year 2016 there were 7,513
cases moing through Boston immigration court. During the hearing, we
impact add couple of models in place. New york, chicago, los
angeles. We referred mostly to the new york model. Just to share some
numbers with you. They on-board add pilot program in 2013 to the tune
of $500,000. Now in 2017, they have a line item in this city budget of
$5 million. It's matched by the state to the tune of $9 million. So I
request that this matter remain in committee to further the
conversations. I now turn it over for a final word for the sponsor of
this hearing order. Councillor Jackson.

Thank you. Councillor Jackson, you have the floor.

Thanks very much, madam president. Thank you to the chair. I think the
chair has done a very good job in hitting on all of the topics that
are relevant here. 4% is a chance that you have a walking out of
immigration court without an attorney. 49% is the chance that you have
if you have an opportunity. Doesn't matter case. A huge, huge
difference. As we have conversations about sanctuary cities, those
monickers are only as meaningful as the things that we do in this
body, in this chamber. So the question here and we heard a lot of
people speak to this Monday, what are we going to do? Are we going to
do something? New york city a pilot program was put forward. Yes, it
became a public private partnership and required this will and the
backbone of their council to step forward and put some funding forward
so that other organizations would step forward. This is our
challenge. As we know, we have robust community here of folks that are
undocumented as well always documented. If we want to protect them and
do what is right by those families, we will move forward on this
matter. So I look forward in this budget process having a conversation
about a line item that would reflect a commitment from the Boston city
council and the city of Boston on this matter to do something that
will help people stay here. We know and one of the other paints that
was brought up is that it cost a lot of money to put people in foster
care. $28,000 a year. We remove a family member that was a bread
winner in that family and there are other additional costs. If we
extracted all of those undocumented immigrants, we would lose $12
bill. So must be noted that the individuals that are here who are
working hard, to take care of their families and really believe and
show every day their belief in the american dream, that they deserve a
chance and an opportunity to have what we just said earlier
today. When we put our hands over our hearts every time that we come
into this room with liberty and justice for all. That simple monicker
should apply to every single person documented or undocumented because
they're all citizens of the human race. Thanks so much.

Thank you, Councillor Jackson. Docket Number 0291 will remain in the
committee on healthy women, families and communities.

Docket Number 0199. Status on healthy women and family communities to
host a series of briefings related to key topics in early education
and child care.

Chair recognizes the chair, Councillor Pressley.

Thank you. I was unable to attend this hearing. Councillor
Essaibi-george chaired in my absence. Thank you.

Councillor Essaibi-george.

I chaired the third policy briefing series that we're hosting on child
care. The topic this session was offered by Councillor Wu and talk and
child care and is the costs. I want to thank Councillor O'Malley and
color wu for being there for me. We haired from tracy collagian,
Dr. Ann bookman, Boston public policy and elizabeth gains. We heard
from here from skype, which was an interesting process. It shows that
I need to improve my friendliness to technology. Some of my biggest
take-aways is how important it is for us to continue to advocate for
federal funding for child care, especially the child care development
block grant and the important role the private sector should play in
creating access to child care. We talked about the statistics around
child care, who is accessing it, who isn't able to and also the
tremendous benefits of access to child care. Thank you, president wu,
for bringing this topic before us. Soundly found it fascinating and
learned a tremendous amount. Thank you.

Thank you, Councillor Essaibi-george. Docket Number 0199 will remain
in the committee on healthy women, families and communities.

Docket Number 0482. Address discovery services at the southampton
street shelter.

Chair recognizes the chair of the mitty on homelessness and mental
health, essaibi-george.

Thank you, madam president. Yesterday I chaired the committee. I'd
like to thank Councillor Jackson and councillors o'malley and baker
for joining us. We heard from a number of guests including Dr. Lupe,
seth grand from sheltered services. Devin larkin from the bureau of
recovery services, lydia downey, Dr. Jen bodey from healthcare for the
homeless and morgan phillips the clinical director of mobile
prevention team. We also heard from a panel of five individuals who
were or once were part of the safe harbor programs, two of the
specific programs that we were interested in hearing about at
southampton street shelter in particular. I left that hearing reminded
the hartships of every day life when you're experiencing homelessness,
not only seeking housing but storage and a safe place to sleep is top
concern. It has strengthened my belief that the better the
transitionable housing programs are the better. As policy makers, we
have the responsibility to see the big picture that shelter is not the
solution. Stable housing is. The Boston public health commission told
guests that the programs were ending, there were 33 individuals
participating in the program. We do have some concerns about the
timing of the health commission's notification of the loss of the
funding -- not the loss but the change in priority for the funding and
the timing that they shared this information with the safe harbor
guests and individuals accessing the programs. I'm confident the bulb
health commission is working to create housing plans for each of the
33 individuals currently in the plan. Yesterday we learned and today
confirmed details for the individuals. Seven are housed with family
and living arrangements or with vouchers. We're the public health
commission and the shelters and case workers are directed and are only
referring individuals to the recommended housing living
situations. Nine have vouchers and in line for housing resources
through the bha. It is important to note that we do have some to do on
the wait list. People can say I'm in line, I'm in line, but the line
is very long. It's hard to determine the length of time someone is on
the wait list. 14 will receive rapid re-housing assistance and six
have left the program, three of which are involved. My role on the
committee as well as the continuum of care leadership council, I will
continue to work with the Boston public health commission about the
progress on all of these programs, all of their programs, not just
this particular program and work to really support individuals
suffering from homelessness and to prevent instances of
homelessness. I ask that this docket remain in committee and I'm sure
our lead sponsor for this hearing,Councillor Jackson, will have more
to add maybe as well as others in attendance yesterday.

Thank you, Councillor Essaibi-george. Councillor Jackson, you have the

I want to thank the chair for the work that she does in this space. We
heard the health department tell us yesterday that they knew over a
year that these programs were going to be transitioning. They did not
tell the folks who were in the program. Some of them who have a
condition of their probation are required to be in the program. So as
the program closes before -- and we also learned that the program will
change on April 16th, not June 30th. So what do the changes mean?
What's been stated in the papers a has been that no, we will lose no
bets. These programs are for individuals that have now stabilized them
70s, no longer using what will happen to them? Near now going to be
placed next to people who are using. What we also know is that seven
of the people have relapsed and three have been reincarcerated. To
hear from the city of Boston that we're advocating our responsibility
to house people, pushing people to sober houses, that scares me. And
I've done hearings on sober houses. Everyone has one in their
direct. I have several in my district. There's many people being taken
advantage of in those houses. When rapid rehousing was described, what
was told to us, they would get $4,000 for first, last as well as
security. And that is it. In a housing market that we know is more
expensive than any other housing market, at least on the east coast
for a city our size, we're pushing people from homelessness to market
housing with very little help. From what I heard yesterday -- and I
want to thank the folks that came out. Takes a lot of courage to sit
here and let folks know your HIV status. Let folks know you're in
recovery. Let folks know that you want to be given dignity and respect
and for people to actually see you. So I give the individuals in these
seats a lot of credit. I do take issue with the public health
department not giving notice. I do take issue with after the closure
of the bridge for us to have another artificial crisis put before our
lap. Put in our lap. And for the most vulnerable people in the city of
Boston, if we can do for homeless individuals trying to stay hoper and
HIV positive, what can we do for people in the city of Boston? Who are
we? What are we as a city? And I think these folks and some people may
think it's a small number of people, but I believe for many people to
that one person, we may be the whole world. We have to move with
urgency and we have to be decisive and doing right by this
population. These folks are not being placed in housing that is
permanent. We talk about what permanent housing is. If you have to pay
rent every year, there's 12 chance as year your house won't be
permanent. To give somebody a $4,000 check, to have that I don't
believe is something that sets these individuals out for success. We
have a lot of work to do here. Yes, the federal government is making
some changes. Ryan white funds are also being used here. This is not
all HUD funding. The city of Boston has a responsibility with a
two-year runway up to this to not push people back into
instability. Understand this is not a loss of beds but a loss of
programming. Individuals that are currently sober now being put back
into that wet shelter. They're going to be sleeping next to people
that are using. The change will happen next week. So I think it's
imperative this council continues to ensure the Boston health
commission do the right thing, that we again never, never again in
this situation where people who are doing the right thing every day,
trying their hardest are now put in a position of instability. We
failed those three people that were in jail. We failed them. We failed
those seven people who relapsed. A lot of people put things on their
shoulders when it comes to using and a personal responsibility. You
know what? We have a personal responsibility to take care of the least
of those. That's a personal responsibility and a mission of the Boston
health commission. So in this budget cycle, we have to figure out how
to make it happen. Thank you so much, councillor.

Councillor Baker, you have the floor.

I just want to thank the chair, Councillor George, yesterday for
running a great hearing. I was a little gray at what exactly was going
on with transitional beds in the traditional beds or the beds on the
first floor. It's a model that the feds are away from. People are
trying to get into permanent housing. I think our charge now moving
forward is going to be what happens to these people and this band of
people in this -- in these programs now. How do we support them so
they can face -- ultimately it's about housing for them. I think maybe
that -- we can't be talking about long island like the great old
days. A lot of the buildings were in disrepair. It wasn't that great
over there. I think the way we're dealing with homelessness and some
of our issues, which we have plenty of, is far better than the way we
were thing warehousing out on long island. Also, an interesting stat
yesterday like 50% of these people are now in our shelters and not
from the city of Boston. We're trying to identify the people and see
if in fact where they want to go is back to where their family is, and
where their support could be. I have a better understanding. I think
we have some work to do here with the people that are in these
programs now, make sure they have a continuum of care. I just want to
thank them for running this program.

Motions and orders and resolutions.

Docket Number 0566. Councillor Linehan offered the following order for
a hearing.

Councillor Linehan, you have the floor.

Thank you, madam president. Before I begin with my presentation on
this matter, I'd like to move for substitution of language of the
title. It was my problem. I originally put down an order for a hearing
and knowing that this was a homeless petition. So it will read a
homeless petition for a special law and promoting economic development
in the city of Boston. I ask for that substitution of language.

Councillor Linehan moves to substitute a technical change. The title
with the correct designation. Does everyone have a copy of the revised
-- great. Any objection to the motion? Seeing none, the new language
has been substituted and we will be discussing that revised version.

Thank you, madam president. Thank you to my colleagues. I beg for your
indulgence on time, this is a comprehensive petition. I want to
introduce it appropriately. Originally, I want to go back. Earlier
today, we passed two matters for disposition of property. Last year we
disposed of this property that is part of the homeless petition. At
that time that dollar amount was in the 40 to $60 million range of its
assessment and appraised value at that time. We came into a -- we
voted on approving this position to the Boston redevelopment authority
under a formal agreement, which we had with them, to see if we could
get the biggest bang for the buck and the most money from the sale and
site. One, the site had been laying dormant for at least seven or
eight years, and prior to that, it was operated by a private
management company as a parking facility, and those dollars went to
the b.h.a. For $1.8 million a year annually, went to provide public
safety for the Boston housing authority. So this particular document
is a special law and petition so this particular development that
would avail $153 million, if built, to the city of Boston. Far and
above what we ever imagined would have been extracted from the sale of
this property and far and above has ever, that I know of, for a single
piece of property, and it's in my district, and I have been trying to
get the city for the past with two administrations to do something
with this property.

And, so, I feel really confident that we've all played a significant
role in getting to a place where we have a petition that would allow
us to execute it. The petition basically will strengthen the city's
commitment to the future of the Boston common by eliminating the
shadow bank. So there will be no shadow bank after this is passed and
goes up to the state house. Presently, I think there is 20% left in
the shadow bank at this time. This particular project, if it was in
the midtown cultural district, if it was and further away from the
common and the mi midtown cultural district, it would not any change
of the law and it would not need any portions of the existing shadow
bank. It's just it's not included and it's a couple of blocks away
from the common in the public eye. So the proposal includes two
additional commitments to addressing the impacts of the shadows on
Boston's public spaces, and one is article 48 of the Boston zoning
code which is modeled after the Boston common shadow protections, and
this was for coy square, that we would put this in the legislation so
if zoning changed or if things changed over time in administrations or
in council, the projections would still be there for copley square,
that's included. And also requires the Boston planning and development
agency to conduct a planning initiative for downtown Boston. So many
in the downtown area in my district as well as josh's have wanted to
see a comprehensive planning study for the downtown area, and this
will also be included in the text of the home rule so that this is
executed as part of state law. So the proposed project, millennium
partners, as I said, is worth over $150 million. You get 103 million
up front and when we sell the condos, we get 50 million after
that. And that's so -- when it was operating, it was generating $1.8
million, and that money was going to the b.h.a. For public
safety. Presently, if this is developed, it would generate $12 million
in new tax revenues a year. That's in addition to the 153
million. This is one of the best deals that we as a city have ever
crafted, and we did it on the street in the strength of our
relationship with the administration and the b.p.d.a. As they now
present themselves. The administration's made a commitment out of $102
million. $28 million of it would go to the Boston common. $28 million
of it would go to the park. So this $56 million that's going to open
space. $11 million to the emerald necklace. Boston housing authority
will get 25 -- $35 million to receive for the south Boston colony
development to develop phase four or five, maybe both and continue the
development of mideast Boston in the heights. If you take the $1.8
million over 20 years, comes out to about the same amount of money we
were already contributing to the b.h.a. And now they would get it in a
capital investment to renovate existing and in decay, not affordable
housing, public subsidized housing. So we all knew when we did this
agreement that this money goes to -- if there were some
disqualification for what this money would have to be used for other
than that, you would need the city council's approval to do. So we're
in another position that if we have this money and it doesn't
specifically adhere to the capital disposition fund prerequisite, then
we would have to vote to approve the expenditure by the
administration. I mean, I have been around here for a while. On both
sides. This is a pretty good deal. As a matter of fact, it's a great
deal. Is it going to cost us something? Yeah, we're going to put a
shadow on the common, and a shadow that could still go on by another
building if people so decided they could use the shadow bank, now
we're going to get rid of that, so this is the only shadow that will
go on from now on. This particular shadow will pass 9:25 a.m. If
you're in the midtown cultural district, it's 10:00. 101 days in
compliance with the law being outside the midtown cultural
district. 13 days with 20 minutes or fewer of shadow added and the
maximum duration is 1 hour and 30 minutes. For public garden, 8:00
a.m., 245 days in compliance and the max shadow 29 minutes. So this
document here is comprehensive. We'll have a hearing. I'm asking that
the chair of the subcommittee would move open this matter because we
have been at this for nearly two years, and we need to get this
done. We need to get it up to the state house. So I'm asking all my
colleagues to participate in the hearing and to vet this document,
look at it closely. If we need to alter it, make changes in the
hearing process, please articulate that in the hearing because that's
what will be needed if we're going to do a new draft. So with that, I
beg your indulgence again. A very important matter, and thank you for
your time.

Thank you Councillor Linehan. Councillor Jackson, you have the floor.

Thank you very much. I want to thank the author and Councillor Linehan
for his work on this. I just want to put into perspective a couple of
things. I think it's critical to understand that the b.p.b.a.,
b.r.a. At the time, tried to usurp our body on this matter. It is our
body's responsibility to vote on the disposition of -- I'm sorry, the
disposal of a garage or a parking lot. They put out an r.f.p. Seeking
that from our body. In addition, I think it is important. In that
process, I don't think this is really about a shadow, it's about a
shadowy process and foggy decision-making. This has not been a
transparent process. Millennium has been exempted a couple of times
already with the further commitments to affordable housing, most
recently to the tune of about $5.9 million. The f.a.a. Has already --
and also stepped in. And I think it is important -- and this is also
why when we're having a conversation about the b.p.b.a., that our body
have final approval over all these. I'm glad it's coming before us I
am still very troubled. This project only puts up housing after 40
floors, they will build up 40 floors and that's where the housing
actually goes. We are permanently putting a shadow on the oldest
public park in the united states of america, and we also need to have
note -- we also need to note yes, we get 100 million up front but $50
million is in the back end contingent upon the future sales of the
units in that building. So I think it's, again, thinking about opening
the door of a state law, pushing one through that door and then
shutting that door, what does that say about public policy? What does
that say about fair play? What does that say about the precedent that
something such as that actually sets? And that's what's happening here
today. We're asking to open the door of an over 20-year state law to
put forward something that falls short -- and this is actually on
public land -- that breaks that current state law, and then shut that
door forever. I think we really need to think about the type of
precedent that that makes and, yes, the funds are very attractive. And
one of the venerable institutions that benefits from that is in my
district. That's why we need to plan holistically and not just in a
bubble and have holistic planning in the city of Boston. I look
forward to Councillor Linehan's shepherding of this, but I think we
are on the third rail and I think there is a danger sign that I
see. Thank you so much, madam president.

Thank you, Councillor Jackson. Docket Number 0566 in its revised form
will be assigned to the committee on government operations.

Docket 0567, Councillor Mccarthy offers the following resolution,
designating a memorial hero's fair at 927 harrison avenue in honor of
chief smith.

That was a refile for frank elmer smith, served in the navy 30
years. Spanish-american war, east philippines and the china
rebellion. Working with Boston veterans service wes found out where
frank grew up, so we moved the site to 927 harrison ave in Roxbury. At
this time I would like to have suspension and passage of this order.

Thank you, Councillor Mccarthy. At this time, Councillor Mccarthy
moves for suspension of the rules in adoption of Docket 0567. (voting)
ayes have it, Docket 0567 have been adopted. Personnel orders.

Docket 0568, Councillor Wu for Councillor Ciommo --

Councillor Ciommo moves for suspension and passage of Docket
0568. (voting) Docket 0568 has been passed.

Docket 0569, Councillor Wu for Councillor Ciommo.

Councillor Ciommo moves for suspension and passage of 0569. (voting)
ayes have it, Docket 0569 has been passed.

Docket Number -- suspension and passage of 0570. (voting) , ayes have
it, Docket 0570 has been passed. I'm informed by the clerk that there
are no late file matters for today's agenda, and there is one late
file matter for the consent agenda which in the absent of objection
will be added. The consent agenda is adopted. Finally moving to the
green sheets, does anyone wish to pull a matter from the green sheets?
We will then pause for open space for comments or announcements from
the members. Right. So at this time, Councillor Baker, for what
purpose do you rise?

Like Councillor Linehan said to Councillor Lamattina earlier, it was
sad news last when I heard he wasn't running again. I kind of feel the
emoji with the sad faces, what I was feeling. It will be nine months
of goodbyes and then -- but I enjoyed serving with you.

Thank you, Councillor Bake around yes we will definitely do more on
that later on. We're going to pretend it's not going to happen for a
while. Councillor Jackson, for what purpose do you rise?

I just want to let sal know I was going to miss him. (laughter) and it
has been great working with you, and that tim mccarthy probably needs
to change his seat before he retires, too. (laughter)

Thank you, Councillor Jackson. Okay. At this time, if all councilors
and guests would please rise. We will adjourn in the memory of the
following individuals. For Councillor Ciommo, john brubas and joe
esposito. For Councillor Lamattina, sammy depalo and ralph lamattina,
for Councillor O'Malley virginia costello and frank galvan. A moment
of silence, please. Thank you. Chair moves when the council adjourns
we do so in memory of aforementioned individuals. Scheduled to meet
Wednesday April 26 at 12 noon. All in favor of adjournment -- (voting)
ayes have it. Council is adjourned.

Voting closed 1

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Jesus Christ

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I cannot believe that even you cut and pasted that waste of pixels. Come on, Don, there's this thing called links, they work great. Please use them.

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proposed posts and send them via US Mail to Adam.

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In ALL CAPS, no less.

Please spare the website real estate! If it is so important, take the time to excerpt.

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The reformat program, updated version
for reformatting Boston City Council, 12-3pm, 4/12/2017 video Captions.

see also...
By Brian D. Foy, Tom Phoenix, Randal L. Schwartz
Learning Perl, Making Easy Things Easy and Hard Things Possible

$/ = '>>';

my @data = <>;

for (@data) {
s/\n/ /gs;

s/([tT])he\s+[iI][sS]\s+have\s+it\b/$1he Ayes have it/g;
s/[cC]ouncillor\s+(\w)(\w+)/Councillor \U$1\E$2/g;
s/[cC]ouncilor\s+(\w)(\w+)/Councilor \U$1\E$2/g;
s/[cC]ouncillor\s+(\w)(\'\w)(\w+)/Councillor \U$1$2\E$3/g;
s/[cC]ouncilor\s+(\w)(\'\w)(\w+)/Councilor \U$1$2\E$3/g; # Councilor O'malley
s/[dD]ocket\s+[nN]umber/Docket Number/g;
s/docket\s+(\d+)/Docket $1/g;

s/\b([md])([rs]+)\./\U$1\E$2./g; # Dr, Mr, Ms Mrs

# |January|February|March|April|May|June||July|August|September|October|November|December|





print $_,"\n";

exit 0;

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Just stop it.

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doing gods work over here

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But that last post casts more shadow than the proposed tower ever will.

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that is casting the shadow, it's the rich.

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Tito Jackson got that exactly right. I suspect there's more we don't know about this shady deal. Linehan is not serving the interests of the city and its inhabitants. Looks like he's in Millenium's pocket.

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Is pissed he won't be seeing any of that money in his own pockets - can't wait for that clown to disappear.

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Payouts are being made.

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$50 million would be contingent on the sale of residential units in the building.

I can imagine the residential units being put into perpetual escrow to defer that $50 million payment for a long time. Like how the BRA blew the Hayward Place deal ten years ago letting a developer cash in on parking lot revenue instead of actually developing a piece of city-owned land.

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