4,000-seat music venue planned for Charlestown

Yes, Charlestown, in the mixed-use development where the Hood plant used to be off Rutherford Avenue, the Charlestown Patriot-Bridge reports.




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Is another venue really

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Is another venue really needed? I thought between House of Blues, Paradise, Orpheum, the Garden, Blue Hills Pavilion and a few smaller venues in Cambridge & Brighton, this city is pretty well covered.

It seems like the residents quoted are on the money. It wouldn't be very close to public transportation & the neighborhood already has parking & traffic issues.

If I had a vote, I'd vote no, and double if I was a Charlestown resident.

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Public transportation

If this is where I think it is, it's a very short walk down Spice Street from Sullivan Square station. Depending on how the rest of the Hood Park is built out, it might also be walkable from Community College station.

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Unfortunately, the walk from

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Unfortunately, the walk from both of these stations requires crossing busy streets that are not pedestrian friendly, even if they do have crosswalk lines painted. The walk from CC requires crossing a two way street where large trucks such as trash and dump trucks go in and out. There isn't even a crosswalk painted at all on this street where Casella is located at the end. Pedestrians cross and hope that the trucks see and stop for them. It is straight up dangerous for walkers to cross these industrial streets.

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CC stop, yes, as you note there are two crossings that are less than ideal for pedestrians. From Sullivan, as noted the walk is across one street, where there is indeed a crosswalk, down spice st and BAM, you are there. Sullivan also home (right now) to the CHEAPEST parking lots in Boston. $5 all day, I mean, people coming from the burbs to see a show have plenty of options beside driving in.

To address another poster's point on venues in the city, I don't think you are visualizing what a 4000 person venue is. The Orpheum holds 2700. Harbrlights (or whatever the hell they call it now) in seaport holds like 5000. The garden holds like 18k. House of Blues isn't even close, nor is Paradise. The point that this new place would be filling a mid-sized venue gap is legit, especially if year round. Harborlights is the only venue that comes close, in summer, and it is NOWHERE near public transportation. I mean, unless you count the silver line (lol).

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I'm guessing this is about the casino.

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Someone thinks it's a good idea to have another entertainment option near Wynn's Folly. Interesting to see how it works out, as the Hood Industrial Park is now just a place to park buses and trucks or recycle trash, under the elevated I-93.

As for the residents they are getting a buck from each merch sale, which Krusty will tell you is "The sweetest plum".

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I'm sure it will be green lit enthusiastically by frustrated former Don Law wannabe and possible future Federal witness Joyce Linehan.

Then again, do we really need a venue where the Dropkick Murphy's will be practically artists in residence?

I love the bit about the traffic and how 7PM is considered not rush hour when rush hour now starts at 2:30 and ends at 7:30 and good luck getting down Rutherford Ave at rush hour if there's a event at the Garden. Hello!

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do we really need a venue where the Dropkick Murphy's will be practically artists in residence

Any venue that hosts this wanna-be-boston band should have their license revoked.

oh yea, how about those Patriots?!? Go Miami!

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Dropkick Murphys

this wanna-be-boston band

Pray tell, what city are the Dropkick Murphys from?

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Hey, Joycie!

Are you sure you should be making statements like that in public without counsel present? You know, for practice for when the Feds come?

Just wondering.

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Route 99 is already a parking lot and will be more so once casino opens, so, yes, this makes perfect sense... SMH

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the operator would have about 150 nights booked per year, with about 50 of those being to the full 4,000-seat capacity. The remaining 100 nights are envisioned to have shows at 2,500 seats or 1,000 seats.

It's true that Boston doesn't really have a concert venue in the 4,000 seat range. Everything I can think of is smaller (maxing out around 2,500) or much larger (the Garden, Great Woods and Harborlights.) But are there really 50 large shows a year that are not coming to Boston now? They seem pretty confident, so it will be interesting to see what happens.

Edit: I guess some of the shows at hockey arenas like the Agganis at BU or Matthews at NU could move to this new place. They are in the 6,000-7,000 range, but aren't always sold out.

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Agganis is not a great venue.

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Agganis is not a great venue. They are very strict about alcohol. My husband couldnt even buy me a beer recently because it's one drink per person and my 25 year old friend was denied because of an out if state ID

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Agree On Agganis

LCD Soundsystem played there the other night. James Murphy was cracking wise about the hockey banners. The sound was good, the atmosphere was not so much.

I'd hope for two nights at a 4,000 seat venue designed for music than one night in a 7,200 seat Sullivan Stadium with a roof.

Speaking of Rutherford Avenue, like Columbus Avenue by RCC, how soon can we get rid of all that parking for a school on an Orange Line stop and put a building or two that houses and employee people instead of a acres of parking close to the urban core?

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Re: One question?

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With Lynn Memorial Auditorium, the Chevalier in Medford and the Cabot in Salem, why do we need this venue?

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775-car parking garage in

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775-car parking garage in Sullivan Square? Really?

When is city leadership going to take a stand against massively car-oriented developments?

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