Alleged meat beater arrested at Back Bay station


Transit Police report arresting Robert Sanchez, 49, for allegedly exposing himself and masturbating in full view of at least one woman near the fare gates at Back Bay station around 3:30 p.m. yesterday.

Sanchez was charged with open and gross lewdness, police say.

Innocent, etc.



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I think he looks disturbed.

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I think he looks disturbed. As gross as his charge is, its very sad how the mentally incapacitated are handled in our society.

This guy pretty obviously shouldn't be in charge of his own welfare.

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Agreeing with Matt

Judging strictly by the photo this man does not look like he was taking advantage of anyone so much as being utterly unaware of how to behave in society. The entire situation exemplifies the greater need for mental health facilities, funding and workers in Boston and the rest of the country. I feel bad for the people who were exposed to, the police who had to deal with the situation, and this poor guy's future (if he's actually as crazy as he looks in that photo).

We don't have all the facts but this seems to be a very different and much sadder situation from the upskirters that have been recently arrested.

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Yeah I wasn't trying to call

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Yeah I wasn't trying to call you out or anything. It just sucks that people with those kind of problems don't have anyone to help them not be disgusting. Or they refuse help, in which case it should probably be forced on them.

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Or they refuse help, in which case it should probably be forced on them.

It's possible he was offered helped, refused, and now it's being forced on him by his act of malice.

I'm uncomfortable forcing mental help on people unwillingly until they actually do something wrong. At that point forced medication might be more productive than jail.

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But there's a line, right? I

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But there's a line, right? I don't think it's very likely that today is the first warning that dirty Sanchez up there is a danger to others. Nobody picks subway wanking as their first act of sexual aggression. I'm just saying it is almost certainly the case that this man needed an intervention by any means before today. And that's sad. Somebody was victimized and it didn't have to happen.

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Not really

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He was probably wanking away in the T station for the same reason that a toddler will engage in a similar activity: unaware of surroundings and their meaning.

That isn't what I would call aggressive and it is a long ways from violent.

Some of these people know full well what they are doing is transgressive - that is the motivation. This guy may be one of the people who simply lack the ability to understand their surroundings. They do it because it feels good now. Not much different from the drunk who was peeing in the corner of the bar.

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Shame on you commentors!

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It's never fair to judge a book by it's cover... he's a completely normal-looking public masturbator.

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Back Bay Station etiquette

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There are unwritten rules of social etiquette in Back Bay station. The security guards will not bother you if you masturbate and play pocket pool in the men's room or the desolate tracks next to the turnpike. They will however arrest you if you insist on masturbating in front of children by the fare gates.

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