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Another Boston fried-chicken guy charged in federal tax-fraud investigation

A Watertown man who co-owned fried-chicken places in Roxbury and Chelsea today became the latest area fried-chicken operator to be indicted on charges he defrauded the IRS by falsifying tax filings and hiding the involvement of other owners of his business.

Like Riza Ali Shah, who last week had the food-serving license for his New York Fried Chicken in Hyde Park revoked by the Boston Licensing board, Burhan Ud Din, 48, is charged with supplying bogus information to the state Department of Revenue and the IRS - and with hiding the majority ownership shares held by two Pakistani natives.

One of those men, Hazrat Khan of Middletown, NY, agreed to plead guilty to the tax fraud charges earlier this year - as well as an immigration-fraud charge - and is now awaiting sentencing.

At a licensing-board hearing last week, Shah's attorney, William Cintolo, said Khan recruited other people originally from Pakistan to front fried-chicken places, to maintain two sets of books and to funnel profits to Khan. Like Khan, Shah agreed to plead guilty earlier this year and is also awaiting sentencing. Both men face deportation to Pakistan after they serve their sentences.

The US Attorney's office charges that Din helped Khan boost profits at Kennedy Fried Chicken, 1041 Tremont St. and at Crown Fried Chicken, 895 Broadway - by filing returns and related forms with deliberately low figures for revenue and wages. Din is also charged with hiding Khan's involvement. According to the indictment, gave up his interest in the Chelsea store in 2009, but kept filing its tax returns and related documents.

The indictment is probably not a surprise to Din. The US Attorney's office filed an "information" against him in April.

According to the original federal charges against Khan, more people could wind up charged. The document, filed in April, listed seven total "unindicted co-conspirators," who allegedly helped Khan run New York Fried Chicken and Crown Fried Chicken on Blue Hill Avenue in Mattapan, Chili Hot Dog and Grill in Roxbury, New York Fried Chicken on Blue Hill Avenue in Dorchester and Columbus Avenue in Egleston Square and New York Chicken and Pizza on Columbia Road in Dorchester.

Innocent, etc.

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Looks like I better stick with that guy with the white hair, southern accent, and sharp suit for my chicken.

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Depending on where you are in the city, there's Popeyes.
Eastie's got some great options, too.

I've found KFC to be sufficiently horrid in this area that I just don't go anymore.

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