Another Chelsea MS-13 member pleads guilty to trying to kill member of rival gang

Domingo Tizol

Domingo "Chapin" Tizol, 23 and a Guatemalan national living in Chelsea, admitted today he and another MS-13 member repeatedly stabbed a member of the rival 18th Street Gang in Chelsea in 2015.

That Tizol is only charged with RICO-related attempted murder is because the rival survived his multiple stab wounds following the May, 2015 attack on Bellingham Street.

Tizol, who will be sentenced on Jan. 4, is one of 61 MS-13 members swept up in a series of raids by federal and local authorities last year. He's the 17th member to plead guilty.

Tizol was a member of the MS-13 Enfermos Criminales Salvatrucha "clique" in Chelsea. Earlier this month, another member of the clique also pleaded guilty to RICO-related attempted murder for trying to shot another 18th Street member to death.



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I know I sound like a broken record

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But it's clearly a "thing" that these guys always plead guilty. They must be getting told by the gang to plead out. Maybe the leadership thinks it's better to have these cases just silently slip away (except Adam always notices) than to have a potentially high profile trial where more gang details could be brought up. Or the El Salvador leadership considers these low level guys as totally expendable and doesn't give them any money for a decent defense lawyer.

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All valid observations.

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I think you are correct on all your points. Plus MS -13 can swell their numbers in the prison system where they no doubt run some criminal activities on the inside.

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Their taxpayer funded lawyers tell them to plead guilty...

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MS-13's taxpayer funded lawyers tell them to plead guilty. The feds have an insane conviction rate, well into the 90 percentile. Much better to plead guilty and get a reduced sentence than to fight the charges and get the maximum. Get deported and come right back, possibly with the DACA welcome mat. Gotta love our dreamers!

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