'Asian-influenced seafood' could be landing on South End/Bay Village line

The Board of Appeal today approved plans to replace an old pet-care place at the lonely corner of Tremont and Herald streets with a new seafood place that would offer outdoor seating in warmer months.

Stephen Chan's proposed Bootleg Specials would feature "Asian-influenced seafood," his attorney told the board. The restaurant would have 80 seats indoors and 28 outdoors, along with a 16-seat bar and room for another 16 people to mill about near the bar.

Chan is hoping to stay open until midnight most nights and 1 a.m. Thursday through Saturday, and to offer brunch on weekends.

Chan still needs permission from the Boston Licensing Board to serve food and must either buy a liquor license on the open market or hope the board just happens to have a spare one when he files an application there.

His proposal was supported by the mayor's office - which said residents have been asking for something to go into the "very quiet corner" for a long time - and City Councilor Bill Linehan.



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Opposite Corner

That Ted scene was filmed in a vacant storefront and parking lot in what is now the Boston Veterinary Clinic at Tremont & Marginal.

Bootleg Specials would be next to CVS at Tremont & Herald. I imagine they'd need heavy vegetation to block out the noise and sight of Herald Street, the train tracks, and the Pike for the outdoor seating.

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One of the best seafood spots in the city used to be located by the entrance to the Sumner Tunnel, and had outdoor seating, so it's possible.

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Ahh, thanks

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The spot next to CVS was Doggie Day or something like that. The Ted rental car store is or was a Vet clinic.

You're right, they're roughly kitty-corner. I didn't pay enough attention to the description.

Oh well, the tour will still drive right past it, and having dinner traffic on that corner will be great.

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That pet store has been

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That pet store has been closed for years. I figured the building owner was just waiting out CVS' lease to sell or redevelop. I just can't believe that a fairly prime-time location like that could sit empty for 7+ years.

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Druker: Sit and wait

Ron Druker, owner of that building, does nothing BUT wait with his properties .. ridiculous.

1) Empty buildings on Bromfield
2) Corner of Washington & East Berkeley
3) Shreve, Crump & Low building

.. etc .....

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Doggie Day Care: horrible.

I logged into Yelp for the first time in over a year tonight to dredge up my 2008 review of them, a rare instance of my bothering to spew some bile there (six one-star reviews out of 241, five of the businesses now mercifully closed):

"Early on these folks seemed to do the job for us; we used them for a period of months when we had to travel. We canceled the service with them when we discovered on returning home from one trip that sitters had missed several scheduled appointments, leaving our pets uncared for for 36 hours.

We got a fraud alert from one of our credit card companies recently; Doggie Day had started making new, unauthorized monthly 'service' charges to our card. We got the charges reversed, changed our locks, and are warning our friends with pets in the South End about the unreliable and unethical behavior here."

Glad to see something new going in there. Wouldn't be sorry to hear that the old tenants are in penury or jail.

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