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Bagel place opens on Centre Street in West Roxbury

State Rep. Ed Coppinger reports that Local 338 - named for the union that represented New York bagel makers - opened for business this morning. It's sort of a hybrid place: The bagels are made in New York, frozen, then trucked to West Roxbury.

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I don't know why anybody opens a restaurant, they all go out of business, you're competing against families ready to throw their life savings away. But if you're going to open one, can you make food other than bread, rice, pizza and spagghetti?

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That section of WR could really use a little more parking given the large number of take out places on that stretch but it can't happen. Starting with Himalaya, maybe 5 new places have opened on that stretch in the last 8 years?

Tres Amigos
BBQ place
Bahn Mi N'Gon
now the bagel place
plus Porter Cafe

Good to see.

And yes, in theory I should take the bus or ride my bike but if I'm driving home from school/extra-curicular activity/etc... picking up takeout in a car is why I'm up there anyways vs getting food in Roslindale.

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