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Beware the New Year's tides on Morrissey Boulevard

Auld Lang Tide

Whoever's in charge of the electronic signboards on Morrissey Boulevard threw in an extra message in the alerts about possible tidal flooding on the road near UMass over the next few days: "Auld Lang Tide."

Ed. note: Yes, a bad photo, but it's amazing how hard it is to take a good photo when you've had to sort of trot down from the Malibu Beach parking lot and you clearly were not prepared for sub-zero windchills.

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High tides on December 31 and January 1, 2, and 3 (tides for Neponset River)

Sunday 31 9:00 A 11.54ft 9:40 P 10.13ft
Monday 01 9:54 A 11.92ft 10:35 P 10.42ft
Tuesday 02 10:48 A 12.20ft 11:28 P 10.62ft
Weds 03 11:41 A 12.25ft

I suspect that Auld Lang Tide is a followup to the Yule Tides in late 2014?

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Damn thing's out of control.

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Will they be launching from inside the bathhouse? Day Blvd?

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With Monday's single digit temp, I wonder if the water that spills onto the Boulevard at the highest of the tide is going to freeze on it . That could be interesting...

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Don't sweat it Adam. It's hard to take a good picture of those signs even in good conditions - they have a funky framerate that doesn't play well with digital cameras.

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Ive found some success in taking multiple shots of the same scene and just layering the images on each other. If you mess withe the exposure you could also pull out the layers with the strongest words while still having a lighted back ground... although that pretty much depends on it not being -15 with wind so you have time for the tripod and remote trigger.

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At least WBZ had moving pictures in their stupid story about the cold.

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