Blue Line riders wearing frowns due to a dead train at Suffolk Downs

The MBTA reports "moderate" delays due to an inbound Blue Line train at Suffolk Downs that needs to be taken out back and shot.



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But what 'downs' anyways?

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Doesn't that name imply there are rolling hills out there in East Boston? I demand a renaming.

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Get it together, MBTA

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I mean, it's one thing if you fail on an hourly basis when it's just commuters and daily nobodies, but you've got suburbanites coming in for a gigantic party this weekend and you'd better be on your best behavior for them so they think everything's fine!

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Must be a record for rhyming posts in a span of four days

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and it's not even Friday.

The number of rhyming headlines since Monday, by my count:
5 Green Line,
7 Red Line,
1 Blue Line,
2 Commuter Rail

15 instances of T train issues (and I'm sure many more issues that occurred that were not posted).

It's going to be a long summer if this continues.

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