Boston Herald calls out Mayor Walsh's silence in Teamster/City Hall corruption scandal

Silence is no longer an option:

Brissette, according to the testimony of three witnesses, also threatened to withhold permits for the show unless they hired union help. The former top Walsh aide, on paid leave since his arrest in a separate federal extortion case, is charged with making a similar threat against the Boston Calling music festival.

Brissette and another City Hall aide, Timothy Sullivan, are scheduled to go on trial in January — well after the next mayoral election.

But Lakshmi’s graphic testimony — and that of members of her crew — deserve some response from Mayor Marty Walsh, who actually did take part in the filming. Silence is no longer an option.

Do you think the mayor, as head of city government, has an obligation to address alleged corruption by Teamsters or by City Hall Tourism office?




a friend writes:

"Thank you Boston Herald for keeping the heat on Marty Walsh for his lies and corruption, while that other paper coddles him."

Has the Boston Globe covered the trial? Editorialized about incriminating testimony by credible witnesses about actions taken by people who work in city hall?

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