Boston mayoral race goes to the dogs

Dogs for Walsh and Jackson

Kerry O'Brien shows us that the owners of a prominent totem on Robert Street in Roslindale are backing Walsh on Tuesday, while Amanda B says she'll take an actual pupper for Jackson any day.

Barring some amazing thing in Tuesday's preliminary, the two will go on to battle for the mayor's seat in the November final elections.




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A Sad Boston Terrier, Wanting An Extra Helping Of Adoration!

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I recognize that look--

    Oh, poor me...
    nobody ever pets me or tells me I'm a nice dog...
    I have to walk around wearing embarrassing clothing...
    and they never ever give me any dog treats!

Well, you're not the only one who's been around the block a few times, little doggie; you can't fool me!

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Allston appears to be All-in for Tito

I dropped by the Allston Village Street Fair for an hour this afternoon, and saw Tito buttons everywhere. I didn't see anyone at all wearing Marty's button.

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Not exactly Walsh country 4 years ago

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That said, I'd put good money on straight odds that Walsh will win wards 21 and 22. I'll be looking at wards 12 and 14 to see how much Walsh has to worry come November.

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I wasn't able to find a nice map online showing voter turnout but i'm pretty sure Dorchester, West Roxbury are among the highest turnout and they're going to be like 80%+ for Walsh and that's all that matters. The cawps, fiyahfighters*and construction unions are behind Walsh and that's all that's needed.

* trademark Michelle McPhee

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With all the intelligence in this city one would think we would have better options than these two.

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Smart People

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Don't run for office around here. Smart has never been a qualification - smart people get out in the world, sometimes aren't even born here (gasp! there are people in Boston who Weren't Born Here!!!). Connected old boy townie who never left is a qualification.

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