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BPS didn't have to look far to find new O'Bryant headmaster

Tanya Freedom-Wisdom

Tanya Freeman-Wisdom, who has been serving as interim headmaster at the John D. O'Bryant School of Mathematics and Science, was today announced as the school's permanent headmaster.

The O'Bryant lost its most recent headmaster in June. Unlike at Boston Latin School, whose headmaster resigned after a year of racial tension, there was little controversy - Nicole Gittens left to become a deputy school superintendent in Brookline.

School Superintendent Tommy Chang praised, Freeman-Wisdom - a 1993 O'Bryant graduate - for her work, both in 20 years in BPS and at the O'Bryant in particular. He pointed to a $186,000 grant she helped the school win to enhance its STEM education and to her work to develop a fine-arts program at the school.

Dr. Freeman-Wisdom is a talented instructional leader who values the importance of building teams and involving others in the decision-making process in order to best improve student outcomes. Throughout her career, she's been unrelenting in her belief that every young person needs to have access to rigorous coursework and enrichment opportunities. She never loses sight of that.

Chang also noted her work at the Community Academy of Science and Health, where she was headmaster when he asked her to take over as interim headmaster at the O'Bryant over the summer.

He said she helped the school raise more than $700,000 in grants over seven years to help students at risk of dropping out , cut the dropout rate and developed partnerships that let students work in Harvard University labs and take college courses at Bunker Hill Community College, Wentworth and the Franklin Institute.

Freeman-Wisdom was born and lives in Hyde Park.




You have an opportunity to work with someone who gets education and the process of preparing students for college and careers with expectations. Help her and it helps you.

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