Bride invites South Station performers to her wedding

David France, who runs the Roxbury Youth Orchestra, recounts what happened when a woman saw his group play in South Station and was so moved she invited them all to her wedding at a fancy downtown venue.

Guests of the wedding routinely came over and thanked the young people for playing. They felt important and fancy. It was heart-warming to watch them serve each other as each course of the meal arrived. The Bride came over to the orchestra and told them that their performance was the most special part of the ceremony.




Once again the snide

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taking an act of kindness and twisting it.

Having been a youth performer in a choral group, we would have been over the moon to be asked to perform at a wedding! And now a group of wedding guests has learned about the Roxbury Youth Orchestra, which may lead some of them to become supporters.

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I note the use of the word "invite". If they felt that they would be exploited, they could have declined, no?

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