Bringing the kids home, harbor style

Towing sail boats through Boston Harbor

A guy in a motorboat towed several sailboats past Castle Island from the direction of the harbor islands towards the inner harbor yesterday.



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Same dude/boat

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Tows them out there at the beginning of the regatta.

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is it me

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and my maritime hallucinations, or is there another person hanging out in the caboose boat?

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Not you

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There was somebody in the last boat. You can get a slightly better view by clicking on the "See it larger" link above.

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Hard to tow otherwise

It's harder to tow a line of boats without someone in the last boat. Kid of like the firefighter in the little booth in back who steers the rear wheels of a long ladder truck.

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Re: That would be the tillerman

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On a boat or hook and ladder firetruck, it's the tillerman.


a person who operates the tiller of a boat or other vehicle, such as the rear of a fire engine.

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