Brookline building falls apart

89 Egmont St. in Brookline

The Brookline Fire Department posted this photo of the front of 68 Egmont St., which has partially collapsed this afternoon.

BU has set up a temporary shelter for its students who live there. BU Today reports some two dozen students were displaced.




Violent block party...

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Cornices dropped by, not acting very nice. Clashed with a rival street gang, their boulder arch-rival.

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I'm guessing years ago some

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I'm guessing years ago some cheap property owner or contractor removed a parapet wall above the cornice which used to counterweight the cantilevered cornice and then also failed to properly reinforce & waterproof cornice.Without a counterweight or additional reinforcement the cornice was already fighting a losing battle against gravity and water infiltration accelerated the process of structural failure.

The same thing happened at a NU dorm on Opera Place at Huntington Avenue a few years ago. Cheapskate roofing contractors lopping off what they considered ornamental bits of a building without regard to the structural and waterproofing implications.

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