BU Bridge emerges victorious again in battle with a truck on Storrow Drive

A truck carrying one of those POD things became a truck carrying pieces of one of those POD things this afternoon when its driver decided what the hell and took Storrow Drive westbound, at least until the top of his POD got destroyed by the BU Bridge.

Chris Devers composes some lyrics:

when a truck
hits the bridge
traffic stops
just a smidge
that’s’a Storrow…

Courtney O'Keefe chimes in:

When the cars pile up
Like wine in your cup
That’s a-Storrow


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Classic fall happening

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Pods explode and scatter their contents.

Come springtime, furniture will sprout at the roadside.

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Niggling detail

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He likely broke it open on the Grand Junction bridge (11 ft clearance). The BU Bridge height is a bit higher than a PODS truck and he had to clear the Bay State Road foot bridge to get that far which is lower than the BU Bridge by my recollection.

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More lyrics

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Arthur Medeiros writes:

When you goof,
and lose your roof,
that’s a-Storrow.

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When you tear off your roof

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When you tear off your roof
Like a big ****ing goof,

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PODS stands for

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Portable On-Demand Storage


Probable Out-of-towner Dumbass Storrowing

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More lyrics

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J. Patience writes:

That can't be!
Doesn't mean me!
Needs more cowbell.
Make truck over ten feet,
Into a jalopy,
That's a' Storrow!

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this is fun

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When you can't
read a sign
your possessions
are now mine

That's a Storrow!

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it is!

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When a dumb fuck in a truck
Thinks he won't get stuck
That's a-Storrow!

When you hear a thud o'er head
Folks in traffic wish you were dead
That's a-Storrow!

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When you just don't have'a

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When you just don't have'a the clearance,
On UHub you'll make a' appearance,

It's a' Storrow!

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