A bus was waiting for him

Bus in West Roxbury

A T bus on Centre Street in West Roxbury is hardly unusual. But this bus was parked outside the Gormley Funeral Home, its signboard alternating between "John Linso #6808" and "Rest in Peace."

Linso, 52, of West Roxbury, was a 28-year MBTA employee. He died last Thursday. Visiting hours are today.




Gotta say I like it

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Imagine a bus full of family and friends instead of those depressing limousines for a funeral procession.

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Everyone rides together

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Instead of separate cars, everyone rides together.

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I have some mutual friends and never heard a bad word about the gent.

Condolences to the family and nice gesture by the T.

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Jack was my landlord for five

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Jack was my landlord for five years. He was a great landlord (totally bucked the trend of bad landlords in the area) and an awesome guy. I feel horrible for his family. RIP.

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