Cambridge stood with Charlottesville last night

Cambridge Charlottesville vigil

Greg Cook photographed a "Say No to Racism" and Charlottesville vigil in Cambridge yesterday.

Somerville holds a vigil tomorrow at 6 p.m.




Next stop Lechmere Station

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How about the same activists use their political muscle to force the MBTA to change the name of Lechmere station to James station. James was an African american slave who sued Lechmere a slave owner in an attempt to gain his freedom.

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How about you lead it?

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I'm serious. If you believe that it's a worthy cause (and I'm absolutely not saying it isn't), then I think you should take it up. But if you do, you'll learn very quickly that there's no shortage of people out there waiting to either derail or hijack your efforts: derail because they want to stop you from going in the direction you're going, or hijack because they are going in a similar direction and want you to put your energy behind what they're doing, rather than behind what you're doing. I give you the benefit of the doubt on your intentions, but even with that, what you're attempting here is a hijacking. You choose your activism and don't "instead of" in an effort to hijack the activism of others.

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Saying "no" to racism in Cambridge - what a bold stance! The bravery!

But seriously, I do understand the importance of this, and I commend the protesters for getting out there and making their voices heard.

However, is there anyone in Cambridge who would disagree?

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Would you know?

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People like yourself who are disinclined to believe a thing's existence are unlikely to be persuaded by even the most blatant evidence. You don't think there are racists in Cambridge? You don't think there are people in Cambridge who are a-ok with racism? Really?

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