Campaign roundup: We must've missed the press release about Walsh making a council endorsement

This card has been going around East Boston in recent days. In Spanish, it says, "I'm with Stephen" (and at the bottom: "Authorized and paid for by the Friends of Stephen Passacantilli Committee").

The Walsh campaign hasn't gotten back to either me or David Bernstein - who reports Passacantilli hasn't gotten back to him, either. But it must be true; we'd hate to think we have another fake endorsement card on our hands.

Speaking of Passacantilli, has posted video of a candidate forum in Charlestown with him and challenger Lydia Edwards.

If tonight's mayoral debate isn't enough for you, several community groups have posted Walsh's and Jackson's written answers to questions on "Housing, development, displacement and gentrification."




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Seems Desperate

This is not a good look for Stephen. If he needs a fake endorsement then I'm guessing he is probably feeling the heat and thinking he is going to lose. I hope Lydia wins just because of this dirty trick, not to mention she is a better candidate.

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Friends of the mayor Chris

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Friends of the mayor Chris Keohan and Dan Passacantilli (brother of friend of the mayor Stephen Pass., candidate for Dist 1 councillor) had 3% and 4% ownership interests, respectively, in the failed IndyCar race championed by the Mayor.

Boston Grand Prix paid them both $40,000 to "get the mayor's ear."

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Friends of the mayor like Keohan are the only people who got out of Indy Car with money in their pocket.

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People should check out the

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People should check out the Charlestown forum video. The part where Stephen Passacantilli talks about how hard it is to get by on $110,000 a year while living in a family condo is particularly interesting.

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