In case you need another reason not to stand alone downtown at closing time

Boston Police said today they are dealing with at least one gang of young men who like to roam downtown when the bars let out, searching for people standing alone with phones they can grab.

Officers told the Boston Licensing Board today there have been several such incidents over the past couple of months.

They were testifying in the case of a man who got kicked out of Coogan's Bluff, 171 Milk St. around 1:30 a.m. on July 7, went around the corner and then got surrounded by several men who took his iPhone.

Police testified the man got kicked out of the bar because he was "frisking or patting down" other patrons - all of them women..



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Of these punks?

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I've said this before

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But it bears repeating. These robberies happened on a public street. The fact they occurred near a bar is irrelevant. Yet, once again, the hacks at our favorite kangaroo court known as the Licensing Board feel the need to unnecessarily harass business owners.

Perhaps the SJC should be taking a look at their tactics instead of protecting people who bring guns into schools.

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Maybe Not The Best Example

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I'm generally with you on the licensing board. But couldn't the board have been holding a hearing about the groping that allegedly took place inside the bar? And then the testifying officer also mentioned the robbery, which may or may not have been connected to the groping?

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Thanks Adam!

I work right on stuart and tremont. I wouldn't have known otherwise.

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DTX/Financial District at night

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I don't care how much luxury housing, how many upscale restaurants or bars are in the DTX/Financial District, or how many attempts to turn it into a residential "neighborhood", that area is still a deserted no man's land at night, and kind of creepy. And now clearly unsafe. And I say that as a lifelong Boston resident who roamed the streets late at night for many a year in my partying days.

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